The Football Manager took a holiday

The first sunrise on my holiday

So what’s happened to me? After working my ass for the better part of twenty years for someone else I decided to take a holiday. Along with my wife we jetted off to Korea to try out the 2018 Winter Olympic ski slopes. We travelled to 2 venues in Yong Peong where they have a total of 10 slopes. Needless to say, I’ve never ever gone down a slippery slope on a pair of sharp blades in my life.

My ski instructor who happened to be a really attractive girl from Hong Kong was ever so encouraging : ” These blades are sharp so if you should fall down, make sure not to fall backwards, cos if you do, those blades will swing up and split your skull in 2″  Words like that just filled me with exhilaration. Off I went without a helmet. I mean, I have a cool beanie, you shouldn’t spoil the look.

So there I was on a baby slope, my first lesson : Learn how to stop. There she was, waiting for me at the bottom of the slope. So off I went. My wife who had gone on ahead had already fallen by the wayside. Her ski-poles were on the left of where she had fallen and 20 metres ahead of her was my really attractive ski instructor. Time to impress.

As I headed down the slope, my speed picked up, I could feel the rush. And then I spotted my wife’s poles, at least one of them, it was lying on the left  10 metres away and I was heading toward it, so I leaned to my right and managed to avoid hitting them, but then now I was heading towards my wife who was prone on the ground with a look of sheer terror on her face. It was hilarious, her face was as white as the snow, I leaned in the opposite direction to change direction, but now ahead of me was my really attractive ski instructor, I had to slow down. As I adopted the “A”position, I could feel myself reducing speed, but I wasn’t stopping. My instructor who apparently had more confidence in me than my wife of 5 years obviously didn’t know me me well enough. I somehow contrived to stick one leg between her two standing legs as I came to a slow stop, she just fell on top of me. I didn’t know whether to laugh or look sorry.

While I was apologising to my really attractive ski instructor, my wife broke out into a big smile. She knew it was intentional. I got up, shrugged off the snow, looked up at my really attractive ski instructor, and broke out into a smile. ” See? I stopped!” That was the start of my holiday. It was time for me to head up into the mountains and begin plans for 2016. Unfortunately Caveman couldn’t find his favourite cave. So I just had to go up some other peak on a gondola. No hikes for me just yet.

The last 15 years of my life have veered between sheer boredom to utter madness. My work has been rewarding, but not challenging. I needed to make a change, so I’ve decided to launch my own company. The focus : Leadership and Personal Development.  I’ve been a leader, problem solver, creative thinker, project manager, technology whiz kid and captain of a sports team that somehow won the overall championship whilst considered rank outsiders. I believe in making a difference, so that’s why I have been away. A lot of time has been invested in me simply doing nothing, while I considered all my options. I’ve travelled around speaking to other entrepreneurs who all basically gave me the same advice : ” Take a break, have a Kit Kat and a smile”. Well, maybe not all of them used the same words, but you get the gist. My wife has been incredibly encouraging, I mean, I could go look for another job, but no I want to make a difference. I want to shape the minds of people who want to take control of their own lives. I was paralysed waist down after an accident when I was 20, doctors told my parents that I was going to stay the way I was for the better part of most of my life. If I had listened to them and given up then I wouldn’t have gone down that slippery slope towards that attractive ski instructor. After my accident it took me less than 12 months to walk again, so I had 70% less strength in my legs, but it was better than the 0% chance the doctors had given me. 2 years later I ran a marathon. I have a personal vision and mission for my life, and that is to make a difference. Everything I do now is guided along those principles and every business venture or activity I pursue must meet my personal vision.

Never give up
Never give up

So you see, I may have taken a short break from FM for a while but my Youtube channel is still showing scheduled adventures of Torino.  My FM adventures will continue, this caveman will return, and even though I may be making sporadic posts for the time being while I begin another adventure in my life, my heart still belongs to this game.


  1. Best of luck with your personal endeavours mate! Thanks for all the amazing content which you have generated for this community. Look forward to the next episodes of BustTheNet!

  2. Inspiring post in itself Rashidi. Best of luck with the brave career move.

    I have only recently discovered your FM website and videos, and it has made me love the game again, so please, please don’t stop posting 🙂

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