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Let’s just get one thing clear, neither nor BusttheNet are SI affiliate channels. I have applied in the past, but couldn’t make the cut-off date, and I have recently applied again. Yet, one word has been at the back of my mind for the last few weeks. Community.

I have pre-recorded 8 Torino Diary episodes. In episode 7 I will talk about the lack of an FM Community at large and how disparate and divided it seems to be and how I am trying to showcase a few sites. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt compelled to explain the game in terms that people will understand. Sometimes I go all Richard Claydon, and try and craft great tomes, but that requires a certain amount of patience I no longer possess for something that’s merely a hobby. So my content has slowly gone video, its easier to put together, even though it requires more post production than writing.  Still, I find something gnawing at the back of my head. What happened to the FM Community, why is the affiliate scheme not working to boost content by people who put in the effort to create well written work based on either information that should be in the manual or original stories that come from the vivid imagination of a person sitting in front of a computer?  Yet, we have an FM100 event going on, an event that’s attempting to record a Guinness record for the longest save by a whole bunch of people at a public event. Wow. When that announcement broke on the FM forums I was like..”okay”

So there we have some youtubers and bloggers who are doing their best to create a community that works together to either help others or promote others. It’s this shared desire to express a common love for the game that I have found so endearing, and its that aspect that has encouraged me to spend the better part of my life helping the community. 1992 ->

One of the reasons why I created this site was for me to catalogue all the advice I have given people over the years. Funny thing is it gets repeated too. I have been touched by people who remember things about my Stafford save, a save that I am emotionally still bonded too. Through this site I have hoped to help people where the manual fell short. Along with Cleon, I felt the pair of us together needed to get something done. Well I reckon that thing has been done. A legacy has been created. On this site you will continue to find information about the beautiful game. And, in future, I will continue to showcase stories or maybe even use this forum to collate great sources of content from across the web, including Chris Darwen’s fantastic blog. For now, I am a spent force.

The Torino Diaries will be heading into the last few games and I may continue just talking about them in the future, but from a tactical point of view I don’t think I will be doing any more shows like the Dark Arts. More needs to be done to promote the work of good writers from across the Football Manager world. I don’t need dumbed down content. This does not imply that I will stop playing the game, it’s a game I love, but I just won’t be deciphering and simplifying it for people anymore. This site is privately maintained by me, and will continue to be maintained by me. In the meantime in the halls of justice, I hope you continue to enjoy the content and enjoy the last few episodes of the Torino Diaries. BusttheNet will most likely still be around, but I haven’t decided what shape it will take?

A talkshow perhaps 🙂 I dunno..peace out!



  1. The avalanche has started. it is too late for the pebbles to vote….

    Bloody hell!! First Cleon and now you Rash!

    A huge thank-you for sharing your insights into the game. I have always loved your take on the game and the informative way you wrote your articles. Like Cleon’s work I also copied and bound your writings into a number of A4 books which have (and still are) a great help for me as reference books for the game.

    A massive thank-you for all that you have done. It is just a pity that it will only be now that that the “others” will begin to understand what a massive loss this will be to the FM community.

  2. This is really sad and I don’t even have the words to express my anger and disappointment at SI for allowing this type of thing to happen. All the best Rashidi, you’ll be sorely missed.


  3. Sad, sad times. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have only really now read more closely they work of you and Cleon, so I am kinda gutted. Particularly as I am still not particularly great at the game.

  4. I can understand your decision. It’s hard to do all the content stuff on your free time for all of us (content that should be covered by SI in the game manual btw) but yet SI doesn’t give a crap about the Community and all the work you and many others do for the others.

    I also love the game but what’s the point in buying it if you cannot share the ideas with the more experienced Community members. It was like all the content you, Cleon and others did was linked together. Like the F9 and the midfielders in your 4-1-4-1 with Torino. Someone had an idea and made a piece related to it and then the others followed. It was complementary. Like your articles and series about the attacking football.

    It’s a shame that this won’t continue just because others that should support the community are too stubborn and ignorant.

  5. Hopefully others will do the same and when Si have to constantly use second rate dumbed down articles which are poor and of no help to those who play the game and people turn away from the game because Si are so friggin lazy they might realise what a bunch of morons they have become.

    They had a thriving community but do not want to know about it anymore. If you want the best from a game then use those providing the best articles. It’s a no brainer but I guess SI are lacking in those.

  6. Sadly only recently found your site and have been enjoying the Torino Diaries on BusttheNet.
    Your articles on transitions have been really helpful.
    A shame you are leaving.

  7. sad sad day..thank you for all the help you have given our community…i have learnt so much from you and Cleon….this SUCKS..thanks SI for treating your community like shit, you wont get another penny from me unless this shit changes..

  8. I plan to be around to help people, I just won’t be doing any more large pieces unravelling the tactical match engine anymore. For now I plan to showcase talented blogs or youtube channels. I hope that everyone can give them the support they need to grow. I like to thank everyone for their support and kind words. I just wish there was more support of great content, that’s all.

  9. does this mean that The Torino Diaries will continue into Season 4 and beyond towards the 4312? Looking forward to it if so…

    1. I can’t ignore the fact that its helped some people, and that for quite a few its the preferred mode of delivery. will increase its community focus and over time include other guest authors, in fact I plan to turn this site and give upcoming authors a chance to upload their posts. So if anyone is keen on being a guest writer they should write in. This is for the long term longevity of the site. I will still write occasionally, but there is only so much you can write about tactics without repeating yourself.

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