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So we’ve hit 270 patreon in less than half a year. That in itself is a fantastic achievement, and I am so glad that there are so many  out there who believe in what I’ve been doing in the last few months. Patreon is basically a ‘crowd-funding’ site that keeps you going with contributions from the wider community who value your content. And I feel valued. So I want to thank all of you. So a heads up first. In May, I will be releasing my 2nd book, which is meant to be a free giveaway to all the loyal patrons who have supported me from the start and there are a staggering 240 of you out there. Wow. 

What we do on Patreon is very simple. We have several tiers at the very lowest tier, you’re just contributing with no expectation of any kind of reward and we even have a few there. At the highest tier which is now sold out, we do 1 to 1 coaching, where we spend an hour twice a month going through the game to increase your understanding. And that tier has also has the ability to drive the show, which is how I ended up with a Gloucester save. Most tiers get a copy of the free book, some tiers get invited to monthly hangouts where we chat about the game, and finally everyone gets access to our private Discord channel, and this is where it gets interesting.

Our Discord channel has rooms where we host links to exclusive videos created by myself of which there are nearly 50 covering a range of subjects in great detail, and there are even videos by other creators. On top of that, we have a surging community who help each other out in the best way possible. Its fantastic. I wanted to grow a community that would be so good at the game, that they would be the driving force that helps SI push the game further, and I have to say this group is getting stronger by the day. The challenge that SI have with the game is the number of players who can play at the highest level of difficulty – and there aren’t that many. Now though, I feel silently confident that we can eventually get there. 

I would like to thank one and all for their continued support, you make it worthwhile.


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