Tactics Bootroom – Football Manager 2016

So we’ve got a new show for Football Manager 2016 players – Tactics Bootroom. It’s FM Tactics related. What’s the purpose of the show you might ask. Whenever we do a new show or post, we always ask ourselves one question – does this fill a need? If it doesnt’ then we stop doing it – simple.

Over the years we’ve all seen a lot  questions on FM Tactics. These have ranged from simple to complex, and these questions are almost the same every season. Ask any veteran player and chances are you will hear a “sigh”. This show is meant for any person who wants feedback on their tactic and we hope the approach helps everyone who needs it.

Our approach is a time-tested approach that has worked. When I made Scramjet, I tested it for 3 seasons, on holiday mode, with 5 teams. I won’t be doing that anymore, but I will taking the principles and apply them to user-submitted requests. This show isn’t meant to be a replication show, its focus isn’t on trying to make duplicates of real world tactics, its simply to show how I use your tactics with minor modifications. The first show is long by my standards, the next few shows, if there are any will not show the Barca test process.

Our first tactic came from DJSmiley, and he was lucky. The first show features his tactic and will be the only one to feature the whole testing process. We took his system and tried it on Barcelona starting in pre-season before team gelling sets in,  and then used it for another 3 games.  This is what I like to consider as FM Benchmarking. If Barcelona has no issue with it, then its time to take it to his side – Leicester. And this is where the real test kicks in. Your players are always never going to be as good as those from Catalonia, but it will be enough of a gap analysis to determine if slight changes are possible. In Leicester’s case we had to make slight modifications and we were even able to use a structured or fluid system depending on circumstances. The changes we made were minimal, but the effect on the gameplay felt a heckuva lot more, and it felt really good by the time we faced United.

So the purpose of this new show is to take your tactic, and show you how I would make changes to it. Sometimes some systems may even be more dependant on attributes, and when this is the case I will mention it.  We hope that the show proves useful, if it doesn’t then at least we tried to share with you our methodology, and maybe some of you benefited.


  1. Rashidi I like the way you set up the 424 on the YouTube channel for Tactics Bootroom. Could I ask why you chose to use a Defensive Forward Defend over other Forward roles. I am considering setting up a 4231 with Arsenal so another top heavy system. I like the idea of the FB Attack and it looks good in transition and creating a a second bank of four when they move forward in transition from defence to attack so I will in corporate that into my set up as well. I am playing as Arsenal.

    1. Yes I would say it does, because it’s already so attacking, you can afford to the the DF to drop bringing the outside forwards into play.

      Since its top heavy you have someone centrally positioned for final third transitions.

      1. So do you think a Defensive Forward can also work in a 4231 system. I can see from your Torino save that you use a complete forward on attack with a attacking midfielder behind and two inside forwards on the wings. Because both systems are top heavy and attacking and using a fluid team shape I got a bit confused with t why the roles of the forwards are so different

  2. Rashidi I am just going through all your videos at the moment and reading and trying to understand.

    I am looking at the WBA and Torino saves in particular. I can see from your video on 424 that you are have the full backs on attack in order to control space and assuming to help with the transactions from defence to midfield (would that be right). However when I check out your 4231 with Torino you use 1 full back on attack and the other in support. I am bit confused why the change in role and duty of the full back. From watching the video on the 424, what I picked up was that both full backs needs to be on attack to control the space in front better. Could be because you use a central midfielder on support that is the reason why one of the full backs need to be on support to offer some extra protection on the wings.

    Also on the 424 you use the two central midfielders on defend duty but in your Torino 4231 you use one support duty and 1 defend duty in midfield.

  3. Going to try the 424 with Arsenal Giroud can be my Defensive Forward. I have the full backs in Bellerin and Monreal who are naturally attacking full backs. I think this set up will work with Arsenal.

  4. Rashidi just would like to ask you a question really regarding the front four in a 4231 set up. If you are using a Advance Playmaker with a Attack duty what forward role would be more suited. I have Giroud and it is really hard to figure it out to get the right balance. I have Inside Forward on Support and Winger on Attack so my system is kind of flipped. I think I have finally understood the other role and duties but it is just the front four that is causing me an issue.

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