Stafford Rangers – The tactical system

Following on from my last blog, I will endeavour to expand on my tactical system. My tikanaccio system is essentially all about comfortably passing the ball about and carving out chances. I full expect my non league side to struggle with possession, but as they get better players they will be able to impose themselves.

The first formation I showed was my False Forward formation. Its actually the very basic formation from which all the other formations will sprout from.

I have chosen this particular shape for the anchor formation because it will be the formation I will turn to when i am a man down. If i end up being a man down I will remove the striker.

Now its essentially a possession based tactic which requires me to press high and to have my fullbacks overlap as much as possible.

The central MC acts as an advanced playmaker who has been given license to roam. Its a very conservative setup, and the intensity of the roles may change depending on my match. But this is the shape I will build from. Matches in preseason – 1. Thats how many I plan to play it but its not going to be my starting formation. Its my go to formation when I am a man down.

My go to formation will be this one. Its my starting formation for the whole season when I play away, its conservative and once again I dont expect it to overpower teams with goals. I do expect to use my players to exploit the flanks when I need to and also play through the middle by virtue of having a DLF.

I will use this formation a lot in preseason matches and it will be my default formation. The roles are simple enough. Now the most challenging part..

Now this is the formation I plan to use when I plan to give it a good go, once my players start getting some team cohesion going this will be the formation I expect to finish the season on. For now I will interchange between this formation and the 451.

The challenging part as always is how the heck am I gonna tell which player is good for each role? Well honestly I do love the tactical creator and the new custom views, as you can see below my assman view is customized with passing completion rate + key passes, player roles and conditioning. Its how I select my players.  Using the view allows me to see who can slot into each position and I have made one for each main pivotal role.

Now that I have the shape all set up, and the roles and how I want my views set up. I will move onto the passing system and mentality system. I have chosen fluid and control. There is a logic to my choice. Fluid because I still favour a simple mentality setup where there are two distinct mentality setups, the only change I will make is to my Defensive Midfielder position or MCd position. That will have a mentality = my dc.

In as far as Control is concerned. I believe that you can either opt for Balanced or for Control, both mentality setups work, but Balanced requires more shout tuning in my opinion. The mentality/closing downs for balanced really see players being more middle of the road, hence you usually need to use the shouts such as push up or the pressing ones to get any purchase on the game. I prefer control because its already attacking enough without being too risky.

In my next blog I will expand more on the system by talking about the last part of the setup, passing.


  1. Hey Rashidi, I’m obviously late reading yr blog but I remember your input on the SI forums fondly. You helped my set-up yr “towers of power” tactic many versions ago. I’ve just returned to FM14 (with Worcester) after a 3 year break myself so I’m enjoying yr journey with Stafford from last year.

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