Stafford Rangers – Match Action

Match against Halifax

They start with a 3412 formation, it throws me off, its rare and i decide to stick with my 451. Their AMC is tight marked. In spite of that we go a goal behind from a through ball that rips my defence apart.

I immediately switch to full match highlights and then change formations to a 4231 we get a goal back as  i want to exploit their three central defenders.

We lose our top defender through injury, iIdon’t have cover damn gotta use a midfielder with good tackling this aint good.

I am annoyed at myself because I was too lazy to get myself the right substitutes, no more auto choosing from my assman. I decide to take things to Halifax, they are the favourites but we have all the possession. My OI on the keeper and on their AMC works, he’s now shut out of the game. Halifax keep acquiring yellow cards, so i push my players to do overlaps. In the 80th minute they go down to 10 in the 85th min they go down to 9 in the 88th minute we score the winner. This feels epic.  Final Score 2-1 Stafford Win

Training Changes

Time to make adjustments to training. For the next two weeks I will focus on Team Cohesion. I can’t seem to adjust the load between more and less match training. I guess its gotta do with us playing lowbie footy

Stafford v Boston Utd

Our second game, this time around i make sure to pick the right players. Its against Boston Utd. We are favourites for the first time. The absence of Michael Carr is hurting us, and I need to look at Andrew Boothe to do take his task. Casper Hughes has shown strength and composure when he takes on the central midfield role.

I add in form from the last 5 games to make a better assessment of my players. And finally pick a group including one who is short on match fitness. We are playing against a 442 so i elect to shackle their central midfielder who should be making most of their plays and I set OI on the keeper again.

Within the first two minutes we take the lead as I my inside forwards cuts inside to slam a goal home. The passage of play prior to that was just us knocking the ball about for 2 mins.

This ref hates me he’s already given Boothe a yellow card and its only 8 mins in. I reduce his tackling to low

We go 2 up after Manion slides in a perfect through ball for Mcintosh, time for me to slow down the temp to a walking pace. I go to Advanced tactics and slide the tempo down to slow. I need tot talk to the players during the HT team talk now my midfield pivots have all picked up yellow cards, time to tell em to chill

With 5 minutes to go they pull a goal back from some flukey long cross cum shot. With 2 mins left they score another, I can’t believe this. So i switch tempo back up and set us to do overlaps, we score the winner deep into stoppage. Final Score 3-2 Stafford Win

Disaster in the dressing rooms

I personally think the match was badly played, we should never have let the two goal lead slip, so i toss em the boot in an assertive way, but the reaction of the room backfires. I forgot I am a sunday league footballer. If i had a better reputation that would have worked.

We need to fix things quick, so I call for a team meeting and I address the team, the captain speaks well, and there are five members who have something to add. I let them all speak and tell em thats the sort of reaction I am after and we go from only have 3 people on superb morale to a roomful of superbs including my bench warmers and guys who hardly ever play. Sweet !


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