Caveman returns

I’m tingling with excitement
The last time I fired up Football Manager was in 2009. My last involvement in the game was moderating the gameworlds of Football Manager Live and the Tactics and Training Forum at Sports Interactive forums. I’d been playing the game since 1992 and a break was badly needed. My final contribution was working with the team that had come up with the tactical creator, and by the time we had gone live I was already too tired to fire up the game.

Three weeks ago after watching Brendan Rodgers trying to replicate his Swansea tactics at Liverpool, I felt the incredible urge to have a peek in the forums. After chatting with some old friends I was back on Steam activating FM2012, 15 minutes later I was per-ordering FM2013. The game had changed a lot but what grabbed my attention was the social media options which I had been pushing for inclusion in 2009. The match engine isnt perfect but all it needs is a buff here and there. From what I understand its had a complete rewrite, a result of two years of work.

I’m back and it’s time for me to start posting everything on a new blog. My next update will be a rundown of FM2013, including some almost mandatory setups to your User Interface. I’ll also talk about some of the shortcomings of the match engine. I’ve decided to do this here instead of on the forums because I’ve had an epiphany of sorts. All the material I’d written over the years is scattered across the Internet. From now on, it’s gonna be here.

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