Have you heard the news today?

It was a warm morning, as the crowds went about their day. There weren’t many jobs available in Surbiton, but Rory wasn’t going to complain as he chopped down on the leg of lamb that Mrs Robinson was waiting for. Sweat pouring off his brow, the 22 year old still had a glowing smile ready for the gangly mother of three as he handed her the lamb. “There you go..have a good day”, as he turned back, Mrs Robinson dropped a note on the table, it had Kingstonian Trials” written out in bold. Rory picked it up and started to read it. He was grateful and looked up to thank her,  but she had already walked out of the shop and turned the corner.  Rory turned around and made a promise to cross out June the 24th on the calendar.

59605Down by the road, young Emmet O’Connor was busy sweeping the porch. Wagon and Horses had offered him his first job and he was grateful. Times were hard, and he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Any job would do. As he went about his day, he saw three children running down the path. “Be careful kids, walk. Don’t run ye hear?” Behind them he saw Mrs Robinson walking hurriedly carrying her groceries. As she came close she reached out and handed O’Connor a note. He looked down and it, and broke out into a big smile. “Today was a turning into a good day”, he carefully folded the note into his pocket and was already making plans for the day off. Time to see how good he was.

Behind him and down by the road, young Harry Taylor was zipping around on his bike. ‘Dear God I need to get back home now”. He had a promise to keep, only last month, his cousin had narrowly escaped arrest when the police raided the Berrylands. Apparently a couple of intrepid young entrepreuners had decided to turn some of the land over along Lower Marsh Lane into a cannabis farm. Knowing that Harry was the kind to find opportunities in the most unlikely of places, his mother had imposed all kinds of restrictions on his movement. They didn’t need to add to the numbers of gainfully employed criminals. He had 10 minutes to get home, or he wouldn’t get a chance to play on the computer for a week. How in the world would he find the time to play Torino’s first champions league game? As he reached his house, he noticed his mum was standing and waiting. Harry planned for the worst.

“Harry, look here, Mrs Robinson dropped this off for ya. I think it’d be good if you put that mind of yours to some use on the pitch playing some real football instead of the Football Manager nonsense, this Saturday what do you think?”

Flustered, Harry was dumbfounded. “Yeah mum, trials?” .  The  Kingstonians were trialling players for their new team. Rumours were flying around of a new manager. Harry was impressed with this new manager’s approach. He liked his work on the ground with the people living in the community.

02brshmBy the time Saturday came, these 3 young boys were joined by hundreds more. As they made their way down to Kingsmeadow,  Harry could make out a giant circus tent pitched up. Kingstonian were ground sharing with AFC Wimbledon, and they had agreed to help the Lilywhites raise money for the new season. 400 players had shown up for the trials. It looked like a grand affair.

On a raised podium, a young gentleman strode forward. “Thanks for coming, I’m sure you lot are excited to find out what’s in store. Well we are recruiting. My name is Gary Hart, and I am the assistant manager of Kingstonian. We want everyone who’s interested in trying out for the team, to fill out their names and get ready. ” We will be playing our first friendly game later today against Ardly FC.

In the background, Harry could make out a tall figure, studying all of them. His features were hard to make out. And then he began striding forward.




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