The Cannabis Farm

Taylors Cannabis Farm in the Berrylands


Harry hadn’t told his mother yet.

By the time Harry had reached Kingsmeadow, he felt a buzzing sensation in his pants. Desperate to find out more about the club’s plans, he ignored the annoying call to answer the phone. Finally he relented. Moving off to the corner, he could hear his cousin. “Are ye daft laddie?, what the fuck are you doing at the grounds? We have a whole stock to move later today and you’re the man. You gonna turn 100 quid a week doing this. What makes you think you can even make that much playing with the damn footsies? Get your head out of your arse and get outta there. If I ever see you wear that Kingstonian jersey, you gonna get such a beating, your dog won’t come to lick ya hello no more.”

Harry could feel his cheeks getting sore. He’d been beaten by his cousins more than once in his life. As he looked around the grounds he saw their glowering faces in the distance. He knew he had to run out of Kingsmeadow. Today wasn’t turning out to be such a good day after all. He had to find a way out of this rut he had found himself in. If only he hadn’t borrowed that money last year. This would never have come to pass and he wouldn’t have become the Weed Delivery Boy. His cousins had been watching one too many American soap operas about families getting rich selling weed in their gardens. He needed to get out of the grounds quick. He could sense Emmet O’Connors stare drilling into the back of his head.¬† “Dude, what’s wrong, they hounding you again?”

“I gotta go Emmet, this isn’t working out, but I have a plan. I just hope Kingstonian¬†are still here if I want another chance. I gotta sort out this part of my life before I look at joining a football club.” Harry turned around and began trudging out of the grounds, he needed to find a way out of this place without being caught. The pain of walking away from Kingstonian was already too much to bear, he didn’t want to add physical abuse on top of it. Harry ran off into the corner and disappeared into the crowd.

Emmet and Rory continued to listen to Hart speak of his expectations, but now Emmet had a sinking feeling more was to come from the patch of earth that was at Lower Marsh Lane.

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