Football Manager Tactics – Atletico Update

Ok, so there I am with my wife at church, I ain’t even a Catholic, but I thought I’d hang out with her keep her company, and who knows I may find some inspiration. I had been cracking my head for hours thinking of how we could translate Atletico into the game. The biggest challenge with the system was Koke and Turan. These are basically the 2 creative cogs in the side along with their attacking fullbacks.

We do know that in real life Atletico Madrid aren’t the greatest side in the world. In fact they have moments. Against Real Madrid they were magnificent, but a week later a Koke-less side, bereft of creativity struggled against Celta Vigo. When I took a look at the cup match with Barcelona, I got bored watching Atletico. Apart from that opportunistic goal from Torres, the madrid side were getting hammered on the flanks.

So there I am in church, staring at the tiles, and then with my wife laughing beside me, I start “shadow drawing” over the tiles in front of me. My hands are moving as I sit down and my wife jokes that people are gonna think I am ultra religious. I smile. I see Koke and Turan in a system on FM. Its still in its early stages but this is what we look like when we have the ball in our half, we are as narrow as we can get.

Atletico ball in own half

The goal is to see those players move into the areas the blue arrows are indicating. 10 is Koke. 2 mins later…..


And Koke has the ball, Griezmann is on the left peeling one of the defenders with him…I can’t really get the DCs to move off with him as yet, and I may never be able to :-(, god was helpful but i reckon there are some things i need to figure out myself.

Koke and Turan have taken up the narrow positions the system demands with the 2 MCs sitting back, the fullbacks are out wide waiting to make their runs.  I shall be testing it out a bit more, but its the local holidays, my wife is chinese and she is celebrating Chinese New Years and I get to launch some…erm…fun stuff into the sky 🙂 So I will test this out a bit more and then do a detailed update once the weekend is over. For now though Koke is NARROW!


  1. Interesting Rashidi. I’m now replicating Roger Schmidt into FM15. Kevin Kample the Salzburg winger is also playing so so narrow. So far, I prefer to have all narrow play instructed on him. But, actually, I also consider to play a box shape consist of 4 midfielder with the two more advanced ones to specific mark the opposite wingers.

    1. The 2 box to box are going to find it hard to do that kind of marking, but it will be interesting if you pull it off. Let me know how it goes

      1. Yes. I have to see them in matches. Tactical familiarity makes impact on it for sure.

        And, I have several shapes to be applied. I think I’ll go with asymmetric box for now.

        Would like to see how’s your Atleti goes

      2. You can test tactics out on FMC, granted there are no OIs but at least you rule out tactical familiarity

    1. Yeah so true, my father in law insulted one of my favourite players…i told him father or not..noone crosses the line when it comes to football 🙂

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