FM2013 Basics Strategy, Philo and Shouts

Football Manager isn’t a hard game to master, but before you can do that you really need to understand the basic concepts in the game. I have always been good at the tactical side of the game and this is where I will focus primarily.

There are essentially two ways you can make a tactic, you can essentially use the tactical creator or you can customise it. The tactical creator is actually just a bunch of presets based on the sliders you find it the game.

If you use the tactical creator, you need to choose your strategy and philosophy first. Essentially these set up as broad parameters for the team in general. When you set up player roles say change a player to BWM from DLPM then his individual settings change. Individual changes you then make, for eg if you tick a player and you modify his mentality settings and say his passing, nullify any effect shouts have on them.

As long as you leave the boxes unticked, their role works within the tactic as a whole. You could theoretically set half the team to respond to shouts and leave the other half immune to shouts. But the shouts have become a very effective way of changing the state of the game along with roles.For instance you could go change the strategy to a defensive posture since that affects their mentality, but its always important to check how your shouts can affect a team. The purpose of this thread was to show that misusing shouts can have a devastating effect on your game

IMHO default tactics are fine, they are better than they were back in 2000, when default tactics were so bad i had to make a whole set of new default tactics and post them up on the forums. Today the tactical creator is a lot more finished as a product, default tactics such as the 4231 work fine outta the box. Even the default player roles make sense. You arent gonna go out and win every game by 3 goals, but you certainly find yourself tough to beat. If you don understand the nuts and bolts of tactics, the default tactical creator is so much better than what we had in the past. What one needs to do is absolutely learn what the shouts do and how they affect you.

My popular shouts
These are the shouts I always turn to for some strange reason these are usually the only ones i use.

Play out of defense is a favorite of mine. Once or if they ever fix the Keeper Distribution bug, this will become way better. I reckon the challenge in fixing the bug is that the instruction may ship a lot of goals for the guy using it. At least thats the rationale in my head. This shout is almost a default starting shout for me, and in line with my short passing philosophy it allows me to build up play.Work Ball into Box is another shout and i usually pair both shouts together. Its part of my package i use during the prematch team talk. Once the game kicks off I pay attention to other stuff. This instruction is especially helpful when combined with the the first one. It leads to patient buildup from the back and around the box. While you may see a lot of lateral passing, more often than not it creates really good goal scoring chances.

I do believe that Look for Overlap is a great instruction, I can even remember how it came about. There were many people who were struggling to make their players overlap and this shout was born. Now whilst on paper it does the basic stuff, you need to be aware that using this shout has the effect of pushing your fullbacks into a more attacking posture. To get the most out of this you need to make sure somewhere in your team you know if your wingers are going to do inside runs along the opponents defensive line. To find out you need to first check if your wingers can do that via ppms and attributes. Once that is done check to see what kind of passing you are using to unleash them. Work into Box means that more often than not the ball will move left and right a lot before space opens up and the fullback charges in or the inside forward makes a run for it.

A lot of how you use shouts depends on your formation. You have a 442 and want inside forwards running? Not easy but doable. Its always best to start with formations that encourage IF play. such as the 343, 424, 4213 or the 4231. The look for overlap shout is very powerful but people who customize their tactics wont need to set that up if they know how to use individual instructions to get them to do that work. Eg, Winger passing set to short or direct and FWR set to mixed. If FWR is set to often he is actually making the run forward not waiting to do the overlap
Push Up Higher I use this shout a lot in the game to squeeze play, but when i do use this shout I make sure two things are set..either I use Hassle Opponents or i set up tight marking for my wingers and fullbacks. The biggest fear i have when using the push up high shout is that while i may be pushed up, my players may not have the wits to counter fast and skilful forwards. Pushing up because you think you are the better side, is normal. It forces play to be squeezed. Add the narrow pitch option and you suddenly throw in a cramped midfield. It is quite the option for squeezing play, but if you dont pay attention to your flanks you will be overrun.

Shouts can be very powerful if used right. In fact a person using a default tactic should do reasonably well. I ran a test on my assman gave him a default 4231 and just set up the roster..took a holiday for 2 months to come back and discover he was doing pretty well. If an ‘assman’ can do it anyone can. We dont call them assmen for nothing

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