BusttheNet- The Guide to the Ball Winning Midfielder

Someone asked on the forums about the differences between a BWM on support and defend, the best way to describe this would be using a flat 3 in midfield where you can clearly see the difference between a BWM(S), DLP(D) and a BWM(D). The difference between the BWM(D) and the CM(D) lies in closing down, and the relative starting points in an attack.


  1. This was great!
    I read you doubted if video would be a medium for you, well it is. For me this is much easier to understand then a written piece.

    1. I love doing videos but its time consuming. Suggestions for what videos to follow will always be welcome

      1. I would suggest exactly this. I think this kind of video perfectly matches your write up about forwards. Why not do a video about them?
        Something else I would love to see is a comparisson (hope I spelled it right) between 2 players with the same role but different attributes so we can see how that works out.

      2. A longer video much like my written Adapting series that deals with space and exploiting weakness and how important some attributes are? Damn this means I gotta talk

      3. Yes like that series indeed!

        Don’t know if it needs to be very long or with spoken word, I actually liked how you presented this video. The form you’ve chosen is informative, easy to understand and because its visible clear as glass. Most importantly if you don’t wanna talk don’t do it, you’ll loose interest otherwise.

  2. Thanks a lot, that was instructive, I think the format you choose match perfectly. What’s the soundtrack by the way?

    Do you intent to go on and compare other roles like FB’s ones?

    1. Yeah I plan to do simple vids where I don need to talk and more detailed ones as well *sigh* talking will be needed 🙁

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