FM15 What a season its turning out to be…hmm..

I keep saying that nearly every season, but, this time around I have a race for the Ballon D’Or competition. Two seasons ago Marko Perkovic won it. And Nathan finished runners up, with Messi trailing in 3rd.

Last season my Marko decided to show us another side to his personality, he started missing games, arriving for matches three sheets into the wind, failing to attend training. 8 incidents in 2 seasons wow. I had a lil “Bestie” on my hands. Beside him and playing as an AMC was Nathan who was the consummate professional creating and scoring chances.

Balloon d’or is assessed from Jan to Dec, so for some reason, Marko slowed down towards the tail end of November, but once December turned and January started showing its face, he started smashing the ball into the net, Nathan by then had already scored nearly 30 goals in all competitions, by March both players had breached the 40 goal mark and were stamping their mark.Race

We now have 5 games to go, in our latest game we faced Man City, Perkovic who was trailing Nathan, needed to bag a hattrick to catch up, he did so in emphatic fashion, then decided he didnt want to play anymore with 20 minutes to go, at least thats how I imagined his non-existent injury that forced him off.


Nathan thus far has a better conversion rate than Perkovic, he’s also more hardworking having turned in 87 remarkable interceptions this season.


Nathan doesn’t cut a Messi, but he’s been playing like a Messi in the AMC slot. I have plans to sell him eventually, he’s got another 2 seasons in him before I sell him off. Perkovic is even more surprising. He doesnt cut the figure of a “sensation”.┬áIn fact if he spent more time on the training ground instead of at the pub, he’d probably be less tired after games. And, with 8 games left in all competitions and a ECL qtr final match he’s most likely to miss, the race is on. This should be quite the epic finish.


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