FM15 The video I promised

Yeah it took a while, been so busy at work and with the baby and all, its really hard to do any editing at home to get a video out. Here’s the video I promised showing how the 4312 ripped a 3412 apart. It shows the effects of playing a 3 man system without a holding player. I firmly believe that the a sweeper system can work in FM, in fact I messed around with one and almost saw our unbeaten run coming to an end against one. However, it needs to be designed well. And, without a player in the DM strata its just asking for trouble.

Although its against Viktoria Piizen, its still a champions league match, and they may not be a contender, its still interesting to see how the flying wingbacks dominate the game. Plus I’ve already edited it and uploaded it after my 3rd attempt.

I plan to do a few more videos soon, if time permits, the challenge is juggling that with a baby at home who’s been very fidgety. I dunno if he reckons he’s Sepp Maier, Lionel Messi or some MMA contender.  I am not sure how helpful a video showing what a do during a match can be, other than avail the world to an exercise of self-aggrandisement. I mean, sometimes there isn’t much to say like here I have changed the backs roles..see they go…ah they score.

The background to the video is covered in this post.


  1. loved the interplay of the 2nd and the direct running of the 3rd, thanks for all the threads that you do Rashidi – really entertaining and useful even to a luddite like me who is still playing FM13 (2164 and counting) with a pressing unit in my front three (max closing down) my CDc moved and my WBa asked to hug the touchline,

    WBa, CDc, CDd, FBs
    CMd, DLPs, Wa
    DLFs, AFa

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