FM15 Preseason with West Brom

So we’ve gone through another season unbeaten, that makes it nearly 4 seasons since we last lost, I can’t even remember the last time we did lose. A large part of that has to do with our team’s consistency in squad selection, we’ve now had the same backbone for nearly 10 seasons. The golden generation led by Lorenzo Cristeig and Lucas Romero have now reached 30+ years of age. Gerard Moreno our top scorer in our early days is now a shadow of his great self, still a fan favourite, he’s found it hard to match the strength and guile of Gauchinho. On the flanks, Luke Garbutt has seen his once unassailable position taken over by Juan Cruz Robledo. Upfront Marko Perkovic, still manages to score amazing goals both on the pitch and at the local tavern. Thank goodness he’s come around this season, making it to every training session. 2024 will be last year this team plays together, the sands of the hourglass have shifted, its time to rejuvenate the squad.

Can the side that claimed so many successive Champions League successes strive to repeat their glory? 22 scouts have been hired as we scour the globe looking for fresh talent. England continues to price itself out of the transfer market as we look to the lesser known leagues in Slovenia, Serbia, Belarus to find some young talent. They will be cheaper, and we need to ensure that we keep spending to a minimum. As we swell our numbers in the squad, we are also looking at providing the English Premier League with young stalwarts that can help other sides bridge the gap that now exists. ┬áThe year is 2024 no English club apart from WBA have made it to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, this is largely my fault, as I’ve sold young talent overseas making sure our rivals don’t get inadvertently strengthened. The time has now come for us to start┬áselling these players to clubs like Stoke who are challenging for Europa Cup glory.

We will also start messing with the 4231 in preseason and the 442 wide diamond, both systems need to be added to the bastion of systems that WBA have used and exported. The templates to these tactics will be made available to anyone who needs it at and we will chronicle the preseason on YouTube and how these systems were created, and the thought processes behind them along with how the Mid-Raum can be created.

My preseason routine can be the most interesting time personally, its when I can go mess with a new tactic and look for interesting players, and in the next edition of BusttheNet I will be doing an extensive show detailing my preseason training routine, scouting preferences and how I create two tactics, the 442 wide diamond( for which I have no players interestingly) and the 4231 ( a system I dislike). Its already running into 3 episodes, and they will all be released one after another. Remember these tactics are merely templates not some guaranteed system that will lead your side to FM immortality. Use it as a guide to fine tune it for your side, and have fun doing it. Hopefully one day you will find the game as easy to play as I find it..and as fun. Already FM Central’s latest episode has my mind planning on a Parma save.

So for the next few episodes simply called PreSeason, we will look at creating these templates and they will be available at So watch out for the next few episodes, I hope you enjoy them.



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