FM15 – LLM Football with Geylang

Bedok Stadium

So how far am I willing to go? I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that I’ve had to take a long hard look at my time management and change a few things around. I’ve even started a new site, details of which will soon be made. On the new site I focus on more generic stuff about setting yourself up to achieve what you want in life. It’s really more my journey than anything else. You see I’ve reached a point in my life where I see a fork emerging in my journey. I can choose the easy way or the hard route. I’ve been with the same company for 10 years, that’s way too long. My job is getting stale and I’ve done what I can – creating a style of management one can only call Redundant.  The whole goal was to make sure that the organisation can function in my absence.

Once that was done I started focusing on other challenges, each had to be more fulfilling than the last, and now I am going to focus on myself.  I am going to own myself and increase my own asset value. Along the way keeping in sight all that matters to me – my family and my spirituality. Enough about me whats up with Football Manager…why the lack of updates? This new project of mine has got my focus at the moment. Laying down the markers and assessing what I needed to do has taken me some time. I gave myself 2 weeks to reset my sights. That’s been done,  and I can now allocate some time to Football Manager.

Having become bored with my West Bromwich adventure I started to look for something more challenging, and then it dawned on me. I come from Singapore, in all the years I’ve played this game, I’ve never managed a side from Singapore. I’ve never had to set up FM Tactics for any club there nor set up any kind of a training program. So I’ve set myself up to manage Geylang International FC. Its a club that hails from the island-state. Formed in  1974, it had the nondescript name of International Contract Specialists. It changed its name to Geylang United and then back to its more famous name Geylang International FC  sometime around 2009 I think. Its home to legendary football icon Fandi Ahmad, a member of the AFC Hall of Fame. This is a club with a rich history, they won the inaugural S-League title in 1996 and repeated the feat in 2001. That success faded away. Today the club sets its sights on more humble mid-table finishes, something that saddens me. So will I be able to take this club and chart a course for the AFC Championship?

Clubs in Singapore are really limited, if you can find a scout with 13 in potential  then you are probably editing the database :-). Clubs like Geylang only have 1 coach/trainer and a transfer budget of ………30000 pounds. I am going to keep the British Pound Sterling as the currency format for the game, and use either my 4141 or my 4312 system for the side. I’ve already had a look at the squad and the league and the average is around 9-10 to beat so its pretty similar to playing a conference side in the U.K. This should be interesting – lower league football in one of the richest countries in the world.

It does seem odd that this island state which is the third richest country in the world by GDP, should have a league structure that only produces LLM standard football. As a country Singapore’s FIFA ranking’s have dropped from 75 in 1993 to 150 today, but they still lead the way in attracting some attractive journeyman to ply their trades there.  The S-league was meant to increase the standards of football in the country and make the island state a more respectable force in Asian football, has that mandate been fulfilled? Can a simulation with Geylang International change things and will a new local manager be able to lift this club and its national fortunes? That’s my next challenge. It seems interesting.



  1. Hey ! Its been a while since you last posted . Its going to be interesting to see how geylang international progresses ! My insight about the game has increased because of your blog and videos, i have started a twitch save playing as leicester city. The system is pretty much based on your WBA system ,4-3-3 one, And i guess i am currently 4th on the table with 18 games played. I am not that great a streamer though :p do have a look whenever you get time. Put up a video soon if you get the time . Cheers !

    1. I plan to whats the link for the twitch save? I have been so busy with work and some new projects hopefully time opens up for other stuff

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