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#FM15 Atletico feedback please

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Ok I need some feedback, the challenge in recreating Atletico lies with translating Koke on the pitch. He appears to play like a Box to Box, but he is more creative and he does bring a lot of assists to the side. The forwards tend to drop back and do a fair number of challenges in midfield. I have managed to get both systems to work, but, one is less creative than the other.


This is fairly orthodox, Koke and Turan play as Wide playmakers in a narrow 442, set up defensively and has a structured shape. This one has creativity problems, and the only way to change it would be to tweak Gabi’s role and change how the 2 forwards play.

Now the second shape is interesting, taking what little i have seen of Atletico of late, I seem to see a side that favours going down the right side more than the left. So to get that effect I went with an asymmetric 442.Atletico2

So what do the Atletico FM fans reckon? Feedback is welcomed I could end up with a third option..but these two seem the most viable, unless I drop Gabi or the position down to a DM role to unleash Juanfran, which I don’t think is accurate as the featured image illustrates.

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