#FM13, Stafford Update

Stafford Update

I spent a few minutes thinking of a title for this post, and couldn’t get past the idea of just calling it: “Corruption hits Stafford”, and go into a whole imaginary world where we get slammed with a mystical kick down the leagues. In essence thats how it felt like. We had just finished 5th in our 2nd season in the premiership and had secured a spot in the Europa Cup, stoked, I went to check who could play and then it hit me.

Somewhere along the way my save had become corrupted, how? I have no clue. A squad of 40 players was now well experienced with Algerian football. Players who had been with me for 5 seasons were now credited with only one season. I was gutted. All that hard work wasted. I went to my alternate machines, apparently I play the same save on multiple machines. Unfortunately the earliest any of the other machines could go back was my third season, League 2 football, ouch. On my mac I found a save, my earliest save was now my debut season in the premiership. Oh goody now i got to battle relegation all over again without money. Looking at the save i had something like 10 games to go, I was back hovering near the relegation zone with the big boys to play. Oh in case anyone is interested I can make this available as a challenge :-).

Instead of hitting 50 points like the last time we hit 41 and were safe. Time for my second season..we do the deed, get the players and this time fall short of Europa in 8th spot. Ah well, it was an epic second season the first time around, I had my doubts if i could repeat it. During the off season, my priorities changed:

Priority 1

Develop a long term youth strategy. I maxed out on scouts, and start to work upgrading my training and youth facilities for the second time

Priority 2 Funds

I plan to keep going to the board to up my wage budget and then use up all my excess transfer funds at the end of each season to max it further. I need to have a healthy turnover but I also have to make absolutely sure we get cash in which will mean

Priority 3 Player sales

My hunt for young talent between 16-18, train em, mould em and sell them for at least 75% profit. We need to build our cash up so that by my fourth season we are well on our way to being a billion dollar club.

The tactics are simple for my team, I play a 4411, 4312 and a 41221 formation now, and I keep my eyes open for the Algerian underworld to show up now.



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