#FM13 Stafford Update

Well last season we did the mother of all slams by winning everything.  I really haven’t had much time to play this season, work’s piling up with me having tonnes to do. So its been a bit slow thus far, and even with losing 2 key players we were 6 points clear with 3 games left, and with two games left it was down to 3.  I daresay we stand a good chance of winning everything again..but we won’t be invincible.

Season League Pos FA Cup League Cup Europe Stage Notables
2027/28 1st Champs Champs Champs GRAND SLAM & INVINCIBLE
2025/26 1st 6th Rd 1st Rd Champs BPL Appointed England Manager
2024/25 2nd 6th Rd Winners QF
2023/24 4th Semis Winners SF
2022/23 1st QF
2021/22 1st Winners
2020/21 10th
2019/20 8th
2018/19 13th
2017/18 1st Championship
2016/17 1st League 1
2015/16 2nd League 2
2014/15 1st BSP
2013/14 1st BSN

I just had to blog this…we had an unbelievable semi-final matchup against Barcelona. Going into this match along with Manchester United we  were the only English sides left in the competition, and our own fans were writing us off. We went to the Nou Camp playing a 41221, with the goal of stifling their potent 4231 formation. It was a defensive performance that produced one shot on goal vs their 11, but the more important achievement was walking away with a draw.

Heading back home we struggled against Liverpool, failing to score in consecutive games for the first time this season, we were now only 3 points clear, one more win and we could sew up the title. But first, we had the visit of the Catalans to handle. Once again the chatter at the pubs only served to reinforce home the message that we were on our way out of the competition. Should we go to our favoured 4411 or stick with the goal-shy 41221? The 41221 I guess would offer some counterattacking variety. 10 minutes into the game and my left wingforward started to show signs of nerves, as he failed to time his runs or get his first touch right. 18 minutes later I took him off. By then the score was already 1-1. We were on the receiving end of a Spanish cyclone, and if I couldn’t even get the wingforwards to work right,  we were gonna get screwed.

The early goal from Barca, was spectacularly cancelled out by a great run from my explosive fullback who made a late run into the box, and throughout the game I was shocked at how my deep lying forward was playing. He was the orchestrator of our 4-2 win, that was the score at half time. The combinations my left MC and my DLF were creating had me punching the air. It was a match which showed you don’t need a lotta shots on goal.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.50.16 PM

And with a home match against United to come before our FA Cup final with Manchester City, the season is ending tough. If we are to do the Grand Slam again, we need to beat United and City, what a way to earn it.


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