#FM13 Stafford forced to repeat it one more time

There I was basking in the glory of european qualification in only my second season, in 19k seater stadium and making tonnes of profit. I knew that our 3rd season would be our title winning season, and then just as I went to select my squad for Europe, I noticed something strange : Every player in my squad had an Algerian history. Shit.


That meant that no player had a history prior to the current season, and because I hardly save it meant major problems for me. So I hunted through my hard drive looking for Stafford saves, and finally dug up an uncorrupted versions, it was from 1 and a half seasons back before a patch, and to top it off I was back in my debut season in the premiership looking at my side close to the relegation zone. I remember the survival fight was so good we did really well. Its time to do it again….yeah we managed to comfortably avoid relegation finishing in mid-table in my second season. And i need to do this all over again…

So here we are in our second season, opening day fixture is a home match to Man City then an away match to Blackburn, we just lose the first by the odd goal 3-2, and then lose to Rovers by 1-0, and then Blackpool come visiting for the League Cup and we hump them 3-o. Its a good game for the boys as Blackpool is still in the championship.

I look at my squad and set up ppms for every player who can learn them, they need to be able to play to my system. Hull come visiting next and we hold them to a 1-1 draw, Stafford are now playing what looks to be good football. We get another point when we go to the coast to face Southampton. I have faith that my 4411 is a good system which will demolish teams, so i stick with it making really minor changes in game via shouts..usually only the ones that focus attacks. Liverpool come calling for our League Cup third round tie, I curse under my breadth as a loss here could set me back.

I go into the match and adjust my strategy knowing that my customized mentality settings will see some players move and create a more compact midfield, it will make it harder for good teams to get by as they will need to do it via the flanks, its still possible to bypass me, but I have more players in close support, plus I know in the long run with my ppms and training, this side will be unbeatable. Its time to trust the system. Liverpool are here and I notice they are trying to go through the middle, so I go narrow and opt to take it down the flanks. We go 2 up, both brilliant goals Liverpool only manage 6 shots vs our 14, its complete domination.

The fixture list is crazy, we have 3 more home matches on the trot, we win them 1-0, 2-1 and then Liverpool return for a premiership game. We hammer them 3-1 this time around..lol. Yeah but my next 4 games are all away! Starting with a relegation fighter in Ipswich who have in the last two seasons been quite accustomed to pulling out the Houdini. And they are on a 6 match losing run, its the worst time to go. We also have away matches to Villa, Stoke and United to follow. OMG! What a royal pain in the ass, then I have 2 more home games and another 3 away matches in a row! This is potentially a morale train wreck waiting to happen.



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