#FM13, Stafford Champions!

Yay, BSS Champions at last. And this has to be the worst number of goals I have ever scored. The last time I did this challenge, we banged in 100 goals, and conceded like 20. This has been so much harder..my last few games especially these were really hard. We had to grind out the last 10 results and secure the title with 2 games to go.

The stats follow

My next thread will deal with my preparations for my first season in the BSP. Its gonna be hard, I need to cull the side, attributes now go up to a minimum of 10, I expect that my leading goal scorer wont be in the team. I dont think hes good enough ( I am letting a 25 goals scorer go????!!!!)

Yeah you need to be radical and ruthless in this game. Sentimental nonsense keeps you from the summit.

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