#FM13 – Making Scramjet

These legacy tactic requests, they fire up my imagination.

In every version of FM I seek to recreate some of my older tactics from previous versions, perhaps Scramjet is my favorite; only because it featured a chance for  me to play a game of football without fullbacks. That was the original reason why it was made, of course breaking the engine was the real reason.

So I decided to make the tactic for FM2013 again. Before I make any tactic I usually have a clear plan on how its supposed to play, the kind of players it needs and essentially what I need to do to counter it as well.  First things first the shape..


Its gotta look essentially like this..its a bit different from the original where it started out with a sweeper backline. This time around seeing that the game can play with 3 DCs, I’ve opted to retain the original shape and applied the logic of how I wanted the 3 parts of the formation to work together.


The defensive group is made up of essentially 4 players including the keeper. In the original tactic I wanted the central DC to start attacks from deep since the whole formation was meant to be an attacking one where we’d camp in the opponents half. I KNEW that the tactic would ship goals at the back versus teams who played wider and faster..so this I need to expect. And to counter it, the DCs need to have great awareness, ball control and passing.

The keeper is meant to be a sweeper keeper, but since I am gonna be playing so high up the pitch, I reckon observing his behaviour first. The roles for my players are easily gathered from the screenshot.


The original formation’s achilles heel was midfield. You absolutely needed the right players to man the ML/MR positions. These players had to be able to track and work hard for the team. Nothings changed for FM13. The DMC is an anchor man and orchestrator, with the MC being his outlet and one who will play a bit further up the pitch. This foursome are key to making this work.


In attack we have one winger, one advanced forward and one DLF. Now this is where things have changed. In the original, I had the left player being an attacking winger and the  RFW being and inside forward. To get the right kind of movement for FM13, I simply look at their roles. If it looks logical then thats it. So for me this looks logical.


yes there are tweaks. Not to the sliders, but to the instructions.  I have made some changes, based on how I want them to either hold up the ball, run with ball and move (cut inside), there are also slight changes to crossing instructions. These are all logical instructions. For instance, if my ML is meant to be defensive, he should only cross from deep. I never want any shout to override this. Since I want the option of playing narrow and wide, I will make no width adjustments. One of the key ingredients of the tactic was my ability to go from flanks to attacking through the middle with changes to width and passing instructions. I intend to generate the same via shouts and this can’t be done if you tweak the settings to much.


Our fist match FA Cup game against Colchester..this should be fun. So I put in my youngsters. The tactic worked the way I expected and we hammered them comfortably. Our next game was going to be a lot harder home to Hull who are a premiership side. We make light work of them and win 5-1.

Scramjet Heatmap

The heatmap seems to suggest that we are in the right parts of the pitch.

I am surprised to see Stefani making so many crosses from the right. He is supposed to be an MR and defensive minded, watching the game I do notice that because we are playing so high he gets a lot of space to exploit. The sheer number of players attacking, forces the backline to recede and this frees up space. Against really good sides, it will be interesting to see if he tracks back like I expect.

Scramjet MR Crosses

Another important stat I was looking for was tackles. The bedrock of my tactic requires that the midfielders work hard, and the only criteria I expect to be met is tackles made. And this is where my midfield, matched and at times surpassed the total tackles made for the whole team.

Scramjet tackles

This may be a screenshot of a goal attempt from the Colchester game, but its still relevant, cos we produced 4 chances like this in the Hull game…

Scramjet Chance

Well I must say this is fun, but I won’t be able to get any playtime or get on the internet soon. I am bringing me modem down as I will be moving houses soon, and the bleeding ISP may not have the connection laid at my place anytime soon. So I will keep this save going to see if I can get my players to use Scramjet 2013.


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