#FM13 – FM Guide 2nd Edition will soon be available

The second edition of the FM Guide will soon be available. It features additions to content that have been posted on the forums. These include a pretty good post by Zam on match preparation, Cleon’s 90minutes of what he does, a tactical post by the late great SFraser.

I do plan on releasing that later next week, with me having no internet connection at home for the timebeing, I am having to find time during during lunch to do this. Once its ready, a new post on the forums will appear with links to downloading it from my dropbox account.

This is the index of the guide:

Football Manager 2013 – FMGuides 2nd Edition
1. Football Terms
2. Player Roles and Attributes
2A. The Manual’s Definitions – Lam
2B. Planning Ahead – The Deep Playmaker
2C. Meet the System – SFraser
3. Marking Systems
4. Adapting to changes in a match
4A. Zan’s Guide to Reading Matches
4B. The Full 90 mins – Cleon
5. Match Ratings
6. Playing FM with minimal shouts
7. Training Meets Tactics
8. Training for the future – PPMs
9. Setting Training Up
10. Youth Training – Tutoring & PPMs
11. Youth Training – Tutoring & PPMs-1
12. Facilities Development Cycle
13. Current Ability, Potential Ability & PPA
More to come.
14. Llama3 – Basic Guide to Training and Match Prep
15. FOrzah – Mechanising the Play – Emptying Space and discovered attacks
15a. The high block
16. Cleon – Understanding Your Tactic
16a. Shouts, Possession Shouts
16b. Taking advantage of positional weakness
16c. Beating the best
16d. Custom view, training & tutoring
17. SFraser – Looking at Injuries
18. wwfan – How to play FM13: A Twelve Step Guide
19. Lam -Scouting Reports and how I use them
20. Llama3 – Winning the Possesion Battle
21. FuriousUK, 41221, 451, WW and other systems
21b. Basic Mechanism, Classic Bluff and Pivots
21c. Double pivots, triple pivots, defensive triangles
21d. Real Life football formations
21e. Tommonufc – Evolution of Spanish Midfield
21f. Pakito – Double, Triple pivots
21g. Joseph! – Analysis of Barcelona & Real Madrid
X. Blog links, resources and credits



  1. Hi Rashidi. Is the 2nd edition available yet? Looking forward to picking up the extra content. 1st edition is excellent. Thanks.

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