#FM13 – Default settings on the Tactical Creator you should change

Been thinking of doing this for a while, and thought I should get it out of the way before i forget. There are some settings on the Tactical Creator that are fine and others, well, they are ones that I always “untick”.

One of the most notorious ones is Tight Marking. Tight marking seems to be liberally applied to some of the roles, and whilst some may be logical, I am more inclined to see my players make the decisions. Tight marking is fine for players who have great concentration, anticipation, marking, but what happens when you have them on central defenders? If your central defenders are really good central defenders they will stick tight to the player who enters the zone. At least thats what I see sometimes, so I untick them, cos I don’t want them getting pulled apart too easily.

When you make changes like that you need to be aware of the effect it has on shouts, unticking tight marking probably affects the hassle opponents shout since it sets TM to all, but since I don’t use that shout at all, I don’t really care. I do advocate thinking about whether your players needs tight marking or not, if you see players skiing past him, then he doesnt need it since he can’t accelerate to keep up.

Another setting one should think about is hard tackling. If your players do have tackling of 17 and higher and good technique then I suggest setting them to hard. By default defensive wingers have max closing down and hard tackling up. If they have the attributes then they will throw in that challenge. Be aware though that if they pick up yellow cards, you need to manually change it again. The shout “stay on feet” has no effect on players who have had their tackling tweaked.

Tight marking and Hard Tackling were two settings I wish we had more control over. I rather do it from the OI than from player personal instructions, but then again thats a personal preference. Doing it from the OI just means that when said player enters a zone the player designated in that zone will OI him based on your instructions. OI = Opposition Instructions.


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