FM – What topics should I cover on BusttheNet

Alright so here I am and before I go all wonky and start producing videos people don’t watch πŸ™‚ I thought I’d list down whats been asked either via the forums or on youtube.

  • 1. More Adapting Series videos..
  • 2. Hitting the Billion Dollar Club
  • 3. Tactic Videos

So what do you want to see, holler out on twitter, on me BusttheNet or here. I am really looking forward to hearing from all of you.


  1. Hi there,
    the Adapting Series videos have been useful a lot and are quite unique, as far as I know, so I would say keep playing in your best role. To me your blog and vids are somewhere in between the tomes ala HoG’s “Lines and Diamonds” and the ‘plug and play’ solutions ala Ramdeuter’s “Can’t Win to Champion”.
    On the other hand, I believe your own motivation must be preserved at all cost, what you actually fancy doing will be interesting both to you and your audience.
    Maybe put yourself in refreshing situation, that will challenge you (Billion Dollar Club or whatever), and show us how you do adapt and dominate. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn from reading about your thought process and decisions.


    1. Sounds cool, maybe another challenge, something that can keep me motivated and has loads of goals πŸ™‚

  2. Adapting series.. or more about the old tactical zen stuff back in fm13.. If you can fused both, adapting while using the tools available to players, that would be awesome.

  3. Hi rashidi, fellow singaporean here. Was wondering whether you could do more role videos especially one on raumdeuter vs inside forward. I essence i think they are more similar than we believe them to be.

    1. Ok i will put that on the radar or cover that in one program, its fairly easy, but the RD and IF are quite different. The RD ignores the defensive aspect while the IF doesn’t, and the RD tends to disappear out of games and comes back in, whereas the IF is usually in the thick of the action. I have a system already which is a 433 and I can illustrate that in a show. Thanks for responding πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for the prompt reply rashidi! From what i have seen in my games so far, IF on support duty will track back to some extent while on attack duty the IF seems a bit hesitant in tracking back. I like how they have created the RD role but not quite liking how they tend to disappear most of the time in some games and sometimes ending with zero shots. My hunch is that the roaming instruction hardcoded into the role is sort of a double edged sword here. With good mental stats, roaming will get the player to gradually move towards the penalty area to find spaces to exploit whereas those with weak mental stats tend to see them move away from the penalty area. I did not notice this until i began scrutinisng their play after seeing a bit too many zero shots in their end of match stats. I agree with you on IFs being in the thick of the action and i attribute it to dribble more being hardcoded into the role. In past FM 14, you were allowed to choose how much you want your IF to dribble however with FM15, I think IFs are being modelled as inverted wingers rather than as strikers transitioning from the flanks. As such i have to use a modified WM on attack duty to simulate the role in the past and i doing so, i realised that i could even create a raumdeuter/IF hybrid sort of role. I am still doing some testing on my end but would love to share the results with you to get your opinion on things=)

    1. What are you trying to achieve on the flanks? To me there is a clear distinction between the two. If I can understand how you aren trying to fit him in, it’d be easier for me to comment.

      1. Hi Rashidi, what i am trying to achieve on the flanks is a prominent goalscoring threat not dissimilar from the role CR7 plays at Real. If i decide to go with a raumdeuter, he would end up roaming around aimlessly if his relevant attributes are not good enough. If i choose an IF on attack duty, I end up with a player who gets too involved in the thick of the action due to dribbling more being hardcoded into the role and if his dribbling is not good, might end up losing the ball more often than i would like. The role I have a modified using a WM on attack duty is simply one with sit narrower and cross less often activated along with asking him to specifically mark the centre back closest to his flank to simulate the tendency to move into the space between the fullback and centreback, a move commonly used by Ronaldo to score his goals. This specific marking also serves another purpose as it turns the player into the focal target for counter-attacks. It also helps to simulate the defensive reluctance in tracking back we see in the original raumdeuter role. So far, in a 4-5-1-0 set-up, i have managed to get my player to score 17 goals in about 35 games with none of those goals coming from penalties. I guess what i have created is a dumbed-down version of a raumdeuter without the senseless roaming around. By the way, I love your latest post on RD vs IF. Very informative and has given a few more ideas on my end=)

      2. Lol surprised how u used specific man marking you gotta check out my next video. I create a midfield RD like yours. Imagination is all we need

      3. Hey Rashidi, I cannot wait to see how you have modified your midrum! I do not have twitter but my handle on SIgames is Jyuan83 and you can add me or find me on facebook with my email=)

      4. Sweet you should get on Twitter quite an active FM group there u can subscribe to my list and you will find plenty of updates from many great Fmers like Shrewnaldo Guido, Chris Cleon the list is LONG

  5. I think you should cover making a 4-1-4-1, both the deeper, Counter version and Attacking, aggressive version. The distinction between the TI, roles and their interaction, as well as pointers as to what to tweak on match-to-match basis if needed.
    It would be amazing and it’s a formation it’s missing on your blog atm. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Rashidi,

    This is Tim (youtube), Draktor (SI forums) here.

    I have watched all your videos and they are great, learning a lot actually. Another idea which I think you touched on but could be made into a video is getting the best out of certain players. You mentioned Mandzukic in the Madrid game not being excellent, however, you did say that formations could be built for players like these to highlight their strengths.

    Have you thought about doing this? Pick a player, maybe current, maybe future regen and set up a tactic to take advantage of their talents. I think that would check off a few topics at once such as, identifying attributes for different positions, building a tactic from scratch and further delving into the match engine.

    Just a thought!


    1. Sounds cool will take a look when I start doing a training video…could be a long one too -( like a series

  7. Hi,
    I am new to the fm series and have been using a similar 4-3-3 F9 system that you recently explained in your youtube video.
    The system works out real well.
    I just have one issue in general regarding the game , and that is how to effectively counter the opposite AMC. I have always had problems with teams playing an AMC. It would really help if you could do something to help defend such threats.

    1. I have several 433s on my download page, if you are using the flat 3 in midfield, a ppm for the MC playing as a DLP to drop should help. If you are using a 433 with a DM then the DM should be covering the AMC, if the AMC is getting to much space, then you should check out if you are too deep. I find that when I play attacking, my high line keeps them penned back. Finally the last alternative is to use Opposition Instructions on the AMC, though I have to be honest I havent’ used it since the days where I was the underdog, desperate to eek out a point here or there.

  8. thanks ! I play with a DM. lucas romero plays that role. he gets in pretty decent tackles and interceptions.
    The high line helps. just one more doubt-
    Is it easier to defend against a two striker partnership using a DC(stopper) and a DC(cover) role or just a flat back ? Because many teams do try to exploit the flat back high line offside trap by using a striker partnership and playing some one-twos.

  9. Will you upload more template tactics, like 4141 or 41221 you created in the video?
    Also, providing the template for the same tactics, but adjusted for lower leagues.
    Cheers. πŸ™‚

    1. The 41221 is up its called Defiant, those are templates so you can adjust them for LLM you don need to do much maybe adjust shape to structured and pi for some players to play risky.

  10. Ah, ok. I asked because there are differences between Defiant and the 41221 in the video.
    In Defiant you have wingback on the left, BtBM in the middle, while in the video it’s a fullback and BWM.
    Team instructions are different as well, probably some other details as well, but the devil is in them. πŸ™‚

    1. It’s supposed to be templates. Defiant was born at Sporting Lisbon and with WBA and Atletico I made small changes to roles to make them distinctive which is what I am hoping others will do with the templates

  11. Billion dollar club, like how “boring Chelsea” become champions with their style of play maybe, it should cover 4-2-3-1 wide and 4-2-3-1 dm wide, 4-3-3 also 4-1-4-1/4-4-1-1 that i think they used this season. Defensive football at its best.

    Cheers πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi Rashidi,
    Why dont you do a LLM save? Start unemployed, take the first job you get offered in the conference or wherever it is and build it?
    A lot of people love and hate the frustrations of LLM and it would be great to see how you would approach it. Watching all of you videos and reading your blog has totally changed the way I play but it is still not easy with crap players, a club that had no idea about money before you came in and is in debt.


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