FM Tactics – Atletico

Well this has certainly been interesting, trying to replicate Diego Simeone’s 442 into Football Manager, whilst maintaining the level of aggression and dependance on set pieces is quite the challenge. Having played 10 games now, my Atletico side is now using either one of two permutations. I have been testing it out on FMC, instead of FM so that I can run this a bit faster, and without the use of OIs which happens to be my favourite tool, its an even more interesting prospect.

Thus far the side has managed to get at least 33% of their goals from set pieces, in their last game they scored another two from set pieces. I am torn between playing an asymmetric 442 or a more orthodox 442, the former seems a bit more accurate, though it does need some role changing and tempo changing during a game. I am still playing the FMC save, at least this becomes a part time hobby till the new patch is launched and I can begin a new save with a new team.

For more details on this you can go to the Football Manager 15 section of the blog


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