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I know I don’t advocate downloading tactics anymore, don’t get me wrong, I did use to flood the forums back in the 90s with super tactics, but those days have long gone, replaced by my obsession with a super-system. You see, I believe that the more easily you make the game beatable the more you force SI into a corner where they have no choice but to scale up the engines’s adaptability to the human brain.

The engine is still no match for people. We use our imagination and we come up with novel ways to beat the engine, even now, we can use a good dose of common sense to beat the game, and you don’t need to do much. All you need is a sound knowledge of what you want to achieve tactically, have a clear vision of how you want your team to translate that on the pitch and then select the roles accordingly. Far too often, for some players this is akin to asking them to find the Holy Grail that you say is the Moon, some moon somewhere. To them its impossible.

The objective of this blog, and now my youtube channel BusttheNet, is to make things easy, with that in mind, I have already begun work on a series of videos that detail the way I do tactics, and its a lot simpler than how we make it sound in the tomes that are written on the SI forums or on blogs. At times I may even sound bored, I am attempting to sound interested, doing my best. My wife says I need to perk up, in fact she went as far as to say that she’d probably get bored. Damn, that was harsh.

Bustthenet has already got videos on some player roles and a few videos on how I adapt in games.  This blog also has templates…, ok they are downloads for some tactics, these include the 442, 41221. 343. 4132  and the 4312. Now some tactics have seen me trial them for more than a season, others I have put together and tried them for a few games. When I used to offer up super tactics. like ahem “Scramjet” (still love how that sounds), they would be rigorously tested for 5 seasons on “holiday” mode, in other words, I set the tactic up ran the game for a whole season and kept that going for 5. Nowadays I am older, and more conscious of the passage of time, and as these whiskers on my face grey out, I find that there aren’t enough hours left to do such a regime of testing. Instead I offer these up as TEMPLATES, which means that they have the right settings for roles, you may want to tweak them a bit, its not hard. The basics have been done. You will probably win more than you lose, and you definitely will need to fit your team to the tactic. I will endeavour to help where I can and if there are any queries, I will whip up an FMC game to do some quick videos on different tactical systems on youtube.

Naturally my hair is gone, that greying out was on me whiskers, I have no more hair, so before I lose any more grey cells, I do hope that people are patient and can help and guide me in the direction where I can focus my efforts to help as many of you as possible. Naturally I may not be right all the time, but I aim to be right most of the time with tactics, and where I fail I am sure there are others on the SI forums who are always glad to help.

Oh yeah before I forget…you can find those tactics I am talking about here on one of my pages on the blog

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  1. I wanted to see the differrence in youth intake between a few HoYs and so I’ve setup my team in my standard formation and holidayed till july. Did this 3 times and all 3 I was champion leading the league with 6-11 points. Now I’m far from a tactical wizard, i’ve played 3 saves in 2 versions (2×13 1×15) since 08 for a combined 15 yrs ingame. So its still possible and it isnt really that hard, as long as you have the players and the system

    btw there wasn’t a real diffrence in the youth intake… diffrent HoY with diffrent preferd tactics and they still produce like Feyenoord produce irl. So do you know if that is hardcoded??

    1. Nah I doubt its hardcoded to produce X number of regens, I am in my 10th season, the best training, best coaches, and I produced one 4 star like 4 seasons ago and two 3 stars last season. I haven’t really tried different HOY to see the effect though.

  2. You seem like a reasonable guy so I’ll write here what would be pointless over at SI.

    A lot of people still want to play the game like in the old days where you never touch your tactic once you plug it in/create it. Those days are gone to an extent, and many people have started struggling with the game because of it since FM13 onwards.
    Playing the game on extended/comprehensive highlights while occasionally moving to “full” in order to see what’s happening and react accordingly is way, way too time consuming for loads of FM users.

    Many tactical experts over at SI keep saying it’s really simple and straightforward, but always, at one point or another, there comes the time when they slow the game/pause it, make a few changes, let it go, slow the game again, do some other changes etc. That’s NOT simple. Yes, it may come naturally to guys like you. It’s “common sense” for you, but for many, many FMers who never wanted that level of tactical involvement it’s so far away from what they want in the game.

    When I read those posts or watch your videos, I often find myself amazed at the conclusions you come at so easily. If I watch the game a dozen times, I’d never be able to do the same because I don’t know what to look for and how to interpret it.

    The aim of blogs like yours, which ties into your post asking about what you should do in the future, should be breaking down the “simplicity” to its core parts and train of thought of someone like you who so seemingly easily goes onto 200 games unbeaten run.

    Also, I know a fair number of people who have truly tried to embrace all the tactical guides over at SI, but the exercise was so frustrating in practice because you have too many holes in thinking process to draw the right conclusions. On top of that, you see someone download a tactic which defies football logic and just destroys everything in his patch. For all your will to get the grasp of FM, you’re left wondering what’s the point…

    I apologize for the wall of text, but you honestly seem willing to help people understand that it really can be simple to read ME and play the game quickly enough and not get bogged down to tactical tinkering every other game.

    1. Hey Laxo no worries, back in the day of the sliders I can remember discussions we’d have on the forums, where I’d lambast how difficult the game was for people, I mean looking at sliders and such and trying to make the adjust a notch here and there so you could make United play like Fergies team. Now how can one explain, its 12 notches on the mentality scale to people?

      That was the beginning of my attempt to dumb the game down, so I started making templates of the tac. file which kept the preloaded settings for a FB, and I would create new files for different kinds of managers, so a defensive coach would have a FB one way and an attacking coach, would have his own customised fullback. No more messing with sliders.

      I was one of 3 other guys who started flooding the forums with these templates, eventually the tactical creator arrived, that was an extension of what we had already started.

      Today the whole goal of the tactical creator is to make the system simpler to understand, and honestly I see way too many people attempting too much when all you need to do is very little. And thats the purpose of my blog here and the youtube channel I want to keep things simple.

      As far as those tactics are concerned. Traditionally attacking systems have always trumped over defensive systems. I’ve seen some of these tactics, and they overload the flanks, in fact my 4312 is an attacking system that overloads the flanks. It doesn’t defy logic that it works, the challenge really is for the AI to catch up and play better defensive systems.

      The problem we then have is few people will be able to beat the game, and then everyone will whinge that the game is too hard. This happens every patch.

      My goal now is to help people identify simple things, and hopefully my approach can help. My approach has literally very little tinkering. I can’t upload every game of the season, have of them are coffee breaks.

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