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Player Preferred Moves is there a preferred set for certain players? This is where it gets rather complicated. Personally I believe its possible but very difficult, which is why my answer will be that there is no preset list of ppms per position. You need to look at your roles in the team and then determine what ppms will help enhance that position. And thats the best way forward.

I have an explosive fullback down the right who’s the focus of many of my attacks and a winger on the left who rips defenses to shreds. To get these guys the latitude they need I know I need to have someone in the middle of the park setting the tempo for the whole game and switching defense to attack. Its very much how Barca play. When they have the ball in their half they pass it around casually, but then a switch goes off in midfield and suddenly they start moving the ball around at lightning pace to unlock defenses.

This is the full list of player preferred moves in the game, some can be taught by coaches and others can only be learnt via tutoring. A 17 year old player can learn 5 ppms by the time he is 20, and by then he should have been with the club for 3 seasons earning home grown status. By then you can either start giving him time with the first time, or continue his development. Personally I continue players development, making sure they are capable in at least two positions. That takes one season, and you can put the player on loan once he’s ready and tell the loanee club that he can only play in the new position.

Some people may dislike playing with ppms, but imagine the variety of play you can achieve. To give you an example I had a defender who could also play as a midfielder, at the age of 17 I got him to learn, and he naturally developed a very good passing game.

Likes to dicate tempo
Likes to play killer balls
Get forward whenever possible

My winger on the left has dribbling of 19, composure of 19, acceleration of 20 and pace of 19. With really good ball control skills I gave him the task of

Get forward whenever possible
Runs with balls often
Plays simple one twos
Knocks ball past opponents
Places shots

I also have this winger on the right who possesses a great throw and he has 5 ppms including a long flat throw and 7 assists in 13 games, from his throw

That defender is a lynchpin for my defense now and through him we create a lot of chances, in fact its never surprising for me to see him run the ball up the field and play a killer pass to one of my wingers who then scores. The winger on the left is now encouraged to run with the ball and pull defenses open and when he does that its almost always an assist or he scores. Below is a full list of ppms, and there are combinations you can make to allow you to do things you can;t in the TC, like having a fullback who’s the source of all attacks.

  1. Runs with ball down left
  2. Runs with ball down right
  3. Runs with ball down centre
  4. Gets into opposition area
  5. Moves into channels
  6. Gets forward whenever possible
  7. Plays short simple passes
  8. Tries killer balls often
  9. Shoots from distance
  10. Shoots with power
  11. Places shots
  12. Curls ball
  13. Likes to round keeper
  14. Likes to try to beat the offside trap
  15. Marks Opponent Tightly
  16. Argues with officials
  17. Plays with back to goal
  18. Comes deep to get ball
  19. Plays one-twos
  20. Likes to lob keeper
  21. Dictates tempo
  22. Attempts overhead kicks
  23. Looks for pass rather than trying to score
  24. Plays no through balls
  25. Stops play
  26. Knocks ball past opponent
  27. Dwells on ball
  28. Arrives late in opposition area
  29. Tries to play way into out trouble
  30. Stays back all the times
  31. Avoids using weaker foot
  32. Tries long range free kicks
  33. Dives into tackles
  34. Does not dive into tackles
  35. Cuts inside
  36. Hugs line
  37. Takes first time shots
  38. Tires long range passes
  39. Hits free kick with power
  40. Likes to switch ball to other flank
  41. Possesses long flat throw
  42. Runs with ball often
  43. Runs with ball rarely


There are two options when you want to tutor a player. The first option teaches him ppms and affects his mental disposition, and the second option only affects his mental disposition. You can tutor anyone but the chances of success depends on how “senior” the tutor is, whether they have positions they play in common and whether the tutored is injured or not. Tutoring can transfer some of the ppms and takes 180 days. I am not particularly experienced at tutoring and plan to do more of it this season.

Using PPMS in a game

Its not really hard, but you really need a plan. You can’t simply decide that you want two players to approach the game identically. That won’t happen. What you need to do is to look at the roles you have and see how ppms can enhance them. I have three positions which are key in my 4411: the right fullback, the left winger and the AMC.

Right fullback

I have an explosive fullback in this position, and when he was younger I was singularly focused on making sure he could dual hat a wingback role as well, so I trained him for both. The player had great stamina, teamwork, natural fitness, concentration, pace and acceleration. With those key attributes I set about looking at ppms to make this attacking fullback position more deadly.

So I added Get Forward, plays killer ball, runs down right flank, knocks ball past opponent.

The reason why I chose knock ball past opponent was because of his acceleration and his crossing, his pace and concentration made him a good choice for an attacking fullback role, right now he is one of the most important players in my squad and at the age of 27 easily a world class player.

Left Midfielder

My winger is expected to dribble at players, break defenses open, get goalside and basically wreak havoc. At the age of 15 I found a young player who had phenomenal acceleration, 17 at that age was very high. Couple with his high pace and stamina I knew that there was a strong chance if he developed right he would be an ace in the hole.

I immediately set to get him to learn two more positions, by the time he was 17 he could play as an AMC, AML and an ML. By 18 he was the European Golden Boy winner, today he has 18 dribbling 15 passing and 17 first touch – a great addition to the left.

In order to exploit his potential I knew that he needed to be paired with a more restrained fullback who could one two with him so that he could have miles of space to exploit. So I gave him the ppms, plays one-twos, gets forward, runs with ball often, knocks ball past opponents and places shots. This has seen him get goal side tonnes of times to score and he frequently beats players to cross from the byeline. His unpredictability down the left has seen many defenses crumble.

In the middle my amc has been given, plays killer balls, switch ball to flanks and get forward.

But to give all these players their ppms they first need the right attributes so they can exploit those ppms. If you give a player the ppm of getting forward but he has low decisions and composure, then its pointless.

Knowing whom to give those ppms is the key to making successful tactics. You don’t need every player on the pitch to be walking with a ppm, you need your key players to have them and then once your system becomes rock solid the translation is near flawless on the pitch


  1. Rashidi, have U got any experience in learning a player to play at a new position at the age of 20-25 ? Im just wondering does it work as well as with 15-18 yrs old youngsters ?

    1. I typically train players to play in up to three positions especially some key players. And there is no real issue getting them to learn new positions till 26. They need to play in the new position for a while to ensure they stick. I retrain players a lot.

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