FM Community Spotlight: Writers wanted!

In an effort to get more attention on the Football Manager Community, I plan to include more guest authors on the site. There is a selfish reason behind this: I won’t be around forever, but I want a legacy to remain. The amount of work I have invested in this site needs to continue with us showcasing the work of other writers around the FM Community.

How will this work?

Basically, each writer will be given “Author” status on the site that gives them the rights to post their own work and even schedule multiple posts on different days. We don’t expect people to post everyday, but at their own convenience. I want to encourage people to write about what inspires them and makes them passionate.

Authors should also have some working knowledge of wordpress, ┬áit’s probably the easiest Content Management System to use. If you guys are keen and want to take part on this journey please send me an email at with your name and your desired topical focus. I hope to hear from you soon.


Daljit aka rashidi1 aka Joey aka Propheto

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