FM Community Spotlight: The Higher Tempo Press

On today’s Community Spotlight, I will be taking a look at a publishing house! Yes you read it right. The Higher Tempo Press is a collection of well crafted Football Manager stories and a publishing house. In fact, it’s a venue all football manager writers should get to know. I can understand why Chris Darwen came up with the brilliant idea to launch this, after all, he is the author of the “Johnny Cooper: Championship Manager series”. If you haven’t read the book you should. I have been working on my own book for the last few weeks, and in the last few days, this site gave me the inspiration to move past my book outline. So inspire me, it has.

It contains a fair amount of work by a collection of authors that include Davetin9(@cm9798) and Lee Scott.

“Simo, you are like a son to me.  I saw you on a Serbian cow field and wanted you to be my main man here at Obilic.  Ten years later you are a man, and you have scored the most goals ever in the yellow shirt.  It will be so hard to leave you, I think we need to see other people”

That quote teases you to read the rest of Chris Darwen’s story behind the Obilic save, and even though his adventure in Serbia has taken a pause, I expect him to return to Serbia and Goran Simovic.  The Higher Tempo Press includes the work of other authors there as well, and as far as I can tell, it’s really hard finding any other site which has that kind of quality writing on the net. Just take a read of Davetin9’s Brit’s Abroad, the dude starts off with Graeme Souness of all people! If you want to know what gems of wisdom Souness has for any aspiring manager, just take a read. I did, that story has the makings of a hilarious tale. Lee Scott bases his stories on real life managers, so if you are familiar with the work of @fmanalysis which happens to be his handle then you should really bookmark the site.

So if you feel like taking a break, like I often do, load these stories up in your tablet, or print them out. Cuddle up to them as you head off to the FM breaks we always take. I guarantee you, regrets,  few you will have.

You will find Chris Darwen @comeontheoviedo and his website at

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