FM Community Spotlight: Der FM

The Football Manager 2016 community has always been a great one to be a part of. And occasionally a gem pops out. Lately I’ve decided to stop doing tactical pieces on To be honest, the material I’ve written over the years is still relevant. Whenever there is a major change that isn’t being covered in the game by any site then perhaps I will do a piece. For now though, I want the focus to be different.

With more time on my hands I can also focus on some of my other projects, my personal coach has suggested that I do a journal and catalogue how I spent my day. When I looked at my journal I was shocked. FM took nearly 7 hours in a day. That’s a lot of hours. I want the time to be more focused, and with that I’ve decided to spend some time scouring the net for really good talented observations. You are not going to find a detailed manual EVER issued by Sports Interactive that covers the length and breadth of the entire match engine, that’s never going to happen. While I don’t plan on volunteering to do that I cannot ignore the work of other writers and youtubers which is such a boon to the community.

Today I want to highlight a site called Der FM. The channel has been around since November 2015, which is relatively recent and features videos covering German football, tactics and players. The first video I noticed was Tactic Sessions: Episode One. This is a good introductory video on setting up a 4411, a popularly asked system, and one of my personal favorite systems. It’s a system that can morph into a 4231, which is addressed in the video.

The video also looks at team instructions and player instructions. I may not entirely agree with all the team instructions used, but they are generally accurate and well thought out. I believe the videos covered here will be helpful to any person looking at building a tactic or trying to understand formations, roles and duties.

Credit should go to @DerFManager for putting together a well crafted video, which has no editorial mistakes, unlike my work on Torino Diaries, in fact episode 5 if I am not mistaken has a DOUBLE INTRO!!!. I never edited it out, and just don’t have the time to do it, but you won’t find that lack of attention on his videos.

If you are keen on following blogs or youtube channels that focus on good tactical discussions you need to pop by and subscribe to the channel! You can follow @DerFManager for more youtube updates.

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