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I got an email from someone requesting for some of my older tactics like HailMary and Scramjet. One of the reasons I started  a blog was so that all the “hobbying” I do in my spare time gets captured somewhere. Once the SI forums were redesigned a lot of my old threads vanished including the massive Scramjet tactic.

Back in 03/04 there were several major flaws in the match engine which allowed some ridiculous exploits involving the run with ball instruction. One tactic that took advantage of it was Diablo – a 4132 formation that featured a loony MC. I made a tactic that was essentially a 3133 formation that featured a very hardworking midfield, but essentially took advantage of wingers that would run down the flanks as I sought to swamp on end of the pitch. Essentially, the attack would build up on one flank as a wingforward would make a beeline on the opposite flank. This would invariably lead to unbalancing of any formation, frontmen in the scramjet formation would frequently score in excess of 70 goals in a season, and thats just from one player.



Diablo and Scramjet created a lot of drama on SI fansites. Whilst one group enjoyed playing mindlessly, another group which included myself hated how easy it was to play the game with pre built tactics. In fact, the game got so easy I would frequently start a season by buying players, take a game holiday to return by the end of the season, to see that I had comfortably won everything. There was no need for adjusting mentalities or defensive lines; maybe an injury or two would stifle progress, but that was basically the whole gameplan.

I don’t have 03/04 lying around on my computers here, but I expect my EX-WIFE has it on one of her older machines, she NEVER throws things away! And I am not about to visit her to fire up an old windows machine. So here’s a link to the tactic which is kept in my dropbox folder. I will upload more tactics here..but I do not plan on helping people ‘fit’ the tactic to their players or systems. The game has changed in today’s world, and people just need to learn how to manage their squads. Its a change I fought for and I don’t intend to diminish my effort by succumbing to the need for a quick-fire route to success in the game. I don’t mind if people use the tactics as a base template to move on and learn and thats as far as my contribution goes. My tactics were frequently used by others in networked games and I do understand the frustration of being beaten by someone else who is not using his own approach and then lording over others proclaiming his superiority.

You can find Scramjet here in my dropbox folder


  1. Wow Scramjet. Now that does bring back some memories, I remember having hours of chats with you when you was developing that. I’d totally forgot about this until you brought it up on twitter, what a blast from the past.

    1. lol I remember how fun it was to make the tactic and then see it in action…twas hilarious, i must say it was entertaining. Not for SI their engine was being ripped to shreds.

  2. Just fantastic mate and thanks for answering my emails – I just finished a season with Chelsea, where Evandro Rancatto scorede a mere 118 goals.


  3. Nice factic mate – Carlos Tevez close to bagging two-hundred goals in my current season LOL – I will add a screenshot later.


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