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3 hrs before I fly off …dead of the night…we’ve settled on a system for Atletico Madrid. This is my reinterpretation for FM. I wanted to maintain the vulnerability on the left flank, which Messi so exploited when Atletico lost to Barca, and I wanted to capture how Koke drives through the middle. Arda Turan’s support allowing Juanfran was also carefully considered.

We’ve managed to capture as well, the counter attacking thrust of the madrid’s side quick counters off breaks and we’ve settled for an asymmetric 442. When I get back from my trip I will list out in detail some of the PI’s and TI’s. For now, its a counter attacking, narrow system. First time out Atletico 2-0 Man City. Yeah we had to endure 30 shots on goal 🙁 90% off target lol.



  1. So, Rashidi. How is it going now? The interesting and important thing of Atleti wingers is, they sit narrow to overload the central area and take control the 14/5 zone. As what’s been shown in your basic shape. Koke is more to the one who occupies the number eight role. And Turan is the wider one, compared to Koke. If you can make sure these two are running with ball, then it would be a good sign for your replicating project. But, how about your Atletico off possession stat (tackle and interception)?

    1. I generally find Koke takes up a more central position in games, than Turan. Turn tends to go wide and does a lot more supporting Juanfran when he’s overlapping. Does that sound about right? The challenge in real life for Atletico is this lopsided attack will leave their left flank open, and a lot depends on getting the two strikers to track back. And even if they do, building attacks down the flanks can be quite hard if they force Juanfran to look for passes inside. The loss to Celta Vigo comes to mind, Juanfran couldn;t make one pass to the right side of the pitch, they kept him passing back to the overloaded middle. Atletico’s formation may be defensively solid but getting it replicated on FM requires some compromising.

      1. I agree with you about Koke, as I see him occupies the number eight role in more accasion compared to Turan. In FM, CM-A or BBM would be a good choice. This is exactly bit similar with howv the two wingers of Salzburg play. One of them is more centrally and one is wider and constantly positions himself on more advanced areas.

        I’ve tried it with DM-D (DMC slot), DLP-D (CMR), CM-A (CML). The CM-A is given run wide and specific mark on oppoenent right winger.

        How you set up ur CML? And how is it so far?

      2. So far I have two systems I am testing one is a asymmetric 442 where you have Koke in a MC slot as the midfield is pushed laterally to the right. The challenge with this system is that the team doesn’t defend well on the left flank. In another system its more like a conventional 442 that looks a bit more like the one they use irl, the challenge here is to make sure that he cuts inside through PPMs

      3. As we replicate them on FM ME. I lately feel, the shape with 3 CMs and 1 winger (+ specific PIs) is the more suitable set up compared to the 4 midfielders flat.

        Btw, with role-duty WP or WM (in 442 conventional) and some PIs (or PPM as what you said) they’ll cut inside and sit narrow, when team on attacking phase. But, the thing is I feel they’re not narrow enough, as what can be seen on the average positioning tab. I had also tried this set up.

        When you update your Atleti project, can you please share some of your heat map analysis? 🙂

      4. I have been testing it on FMC, I will be doing a full athletico save a bit later, this is a side project to my full Sporting save. I will most likely transfer the tactic to them

      5. I also on progress to finish my piece of emulating Roger Schmidt project. Interesting to see how you replicate it on your save and compare it to my project. I’ll share it to my Twitter and post it too to passion4fm

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