FM And he talks! More Videos

Well here I am I’ve gone to make some videos now. I’ve kinda created a separate channel now on youtube called BusttheNet which should be where I park all the videos that I will do for Football Manager. For now there are 2 videos there, the Ball Winning Midfielder one and lo and behold I speak! I swore never to do that, but I guess I wanted the easy way out instead of doing tonnes of overlays and graphics.

The second video kinda expands on the Complete Wingback. And since I am playing the 4312 you can probably gather the linkage between the two. I apologise for the bad voiceover, but yeah its the only voice I got.

You can find the first video here, it covers the Ball Winning Midfielder and how the duties affect his play in defense and in transitions.

This is the second video called Bustthenet Adapting – WBA vs Man City, it features City playing a 532 vs my 4312. I’ve taken it down for the time being while I re-edit it.

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  1. Just wanna say your voice is all right Rashidi, don’t be so hard on yourself. 😉 You are clearly understandable and it’s all that matter in my opinion.

    Very informative vid by the way, thanks a lot.

  2. you’re tempting me into FM15 Rashidi, keep it up! No complaints re video quality or your voice, only that around 6m30s the balance between background music and voiceover switches the other way round so we can’t hear what you’re saying…

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