FM15 Explanations for all Tactic Downloads

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Here are some of the broad settings for all the systems I use. You can download these as templates but I won’t be able to help people much because of other commitments. Please treat these as templates, you can use them to learn. And the best way to do them is to understand why I have chosen the roles I have. For example some may find the use of 2 withdrawn strikers as odd in my 442, but thats because I want them to help bring other more dangerous players into play allowing themselves to be greater goal scoring threats.

Some of the Tis are aggressive starting points you can reduce these. Most of them I default to high tempo with direct passing. And sometimes I opt for a narrow formation, because of the way passing is set up. These are uniquely set for the players I have, you need to have the right players for the roles that have been set up, if you don’t know what the attributes should be to the way I play my game, you need to go through this blog. I have made references to how I play many of my systems, with the key emphasis being on ball control, first touch, pace, passing, composure and acceleration. My systems demand that players have teamwork, anticipation and for all support roles I never field a player with less than 12 for bravery.

RY442 Diego

The first replicated system, inspired in large part by Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid. It features flank attacks from the right and creative play from the left side of midfield as well. Its different from the real system, as I wanted it to have my own unique stamp. It has higher possession than the normal system, however to achieve that you need to remove the direct passing shout. Teamwork and Work-rate are going to be two important attributes for the system.

Looking at the screenshot you are advised to reduce the default TI and only begin with narrow, play out from defense, prevent GK distribution and stay on feet



Download Link:

4132 Mamba

The Mamba is essentially a replication of some older Argentinian systems, the settings are still somewhere in my nugget but I struggle to remember which one. The system is one of my flying fullback systems. It has two main thrusts when creating goals, the flying fullbacks and the central attacking midfielder who will eventually work with the false 9 to create opportunities. Its been set up as counter, because its principally a defensive system which requires high ball retention. Most of the goals come from being camped. Thats not to say it doesn’t have a heat seeker attack. It does, from the fullbacks who have direct passing enabled.

Looking at the screenshot you are advised to reduce the default TI and only begin with narrow, play out from defense, prevent GK distribution and stay on feet


Download LINK

RY4312 Samba

The Samba is similar to the Mamba, but its a lot more attacking in orientation, which explains the heavy anchor in midfield. Once again the principles of the Mamba apply but this time its a formation that relies a lot on the strength of your middle and the creativity of your flanks.

Looking at the screenshot you are advised to reduce the default TI and only begin with narrow, play out from defense, prevent GK distribution and stay on feet



Download LINK

RY 41221 Defiant

Defiant is a defensive system at heart, but its set up as control. It can easily be downgraded, but its a system that defends without committing too much. Its probably the one system in the group relies entirely on 2 key players they RMD and the right sided FB. Again, this system is meant to camp and win.



Download LINK


The Dragon is a crazy system, born out of boredom, its created simply for me to have fun with those 30-40 shots at goal. I have successfully used it as a counter and an attacking system. Its probably the most demanding system here requiring you to adapt to what you face on the pitch. The goals will come, but if you decide to go attacking, you will need to drop your dline to compensate. This system has led to the birth of 3 others which i am testing at the moment.



RY4321 Cyclops

A system loosely based on DEFIANT, also employs Raumdeuter, it was made on the fly when I was playing against Manchester United who played a similar system to DEFIANT, I found that the gap between midfield and their DMC was being too easily exploited by the AI, so in a flash I whipped this up. We were a goal down and came back to turn possession on it head and win a point, in a match I wasn’t even meant to win. It features the use of really hard working midfield, its set up as a counter mentality since there is ample threat from the wide men when they are running at defenders.

The system can easily adapt to changing mentalities, with minimal use of shouts. The recommended TI would be to overlap or pass into space, but these are situational. I really like this at the moment.

You may need to change duties to defend/defend…though i don’t seem to have that problem as my players don’t play others onside a lot..its still worth keeping a check on. You could also change the RD to a WP if you so choose  or even a winger. The template is pretty malleable.



Download Link

Currently working on 433, 4231DM Wide, 4231DM Narrow, 4231.



This is a fun system, set out with Mid-Raums, basically midfielders who behave as Raumdeuters from the side midfielder roles. Its set up so that they can cut inside and give the lone striker plenty of support.






















Now this is an oldschool system, it can easily be played as a control attacking or counter system. Its set up again with roaming midraums, its also a defenisively solid system






















A rather attacking system covered in detail on episode 7-8 on the adapting series on Youtube and the evolution of this system was also doing in the Preseason videos. Its meant to utilise 2 strong central midfielders that anchor and provide a screen for the defense so that the attacking group of players can create mayhem.






















Another variation of the 442, this one plays out counter/fluid, has midraumdeuter settings for the two side midfielders and plays with a defensive minded central pairing. Since the middle of the park is defensive, this allows us to get the fullbacks into more attacking positions. To compensate for the attacking right flank, the backline is set up in a ‘swoosh’ to compensate. Individual passing instructions should be set to direct for the ML/MR and F9 if they aren’t already.



      1. Nah i won’t know cos its just the size from the fmf file. Don’t download it if you aren’t comfortable. I downloaded it myself to check

  1. The tactis Ciclops is illegal, performance is exceptional and rmd achieves goals and assists in abnormal amount

  2. How would you train your fullbacks? For example Garbutt is playing a variety of roles, CWB FB WB and both S and S duties

    1. I would train them in the FB role, I got him early and I think he was already a WB/ML when he came to me, I just added FB and he’s been trained on the Full back focus.

      I always train All instead of focusing on support or attack.

      1. okay interesting

        I kinda thought, you want them to play CWB some times so train them CWB all duties? no? what’s the thinking behind FB all duties?

      2. I chose FB because of the number of attributes it trains. Furthermore I don’t believe in overcomplicating training. So all my backs regardless, are on FB training.

  3. I have a couple of questions.
    1. will you provide download links for the new tactics?

    2. Do you believe FM15 can be played successfully just by using the two version of the same tactic, e.g. control and counter, and just switch between them when necessary, without additional TI and PI changes mid-game?

    For example, let’s say that 4141 system; you set it to control, do high block TIs, then make a copy, set it to counter and do low block TIs. Is it possible to just switch between the two without further changes and still be successful?

    1. The tactics are available in the Downloads Section. I believe you can play one tactic the whole season but you will still need to make minor changes. I use a high block for attacking systems, and for counter systems, my shouts change to default closing down, stuck in. I typically use the same system and make only those changes when I need to switch things around, and I do them after considering the game conditions. So can you take a 4411 play attacking, make some changes save it and play counter – yes. Success comes with you being able to identify patterns of play and making a correction. So ultimately it depends on the player

    1. The 4312 wasn’t meant to be counterattacking, but if i were to make it counterattacking, I would set the CWB to FB, play control and then set the FB on passing direct and more risky passes. For Team Instructions, I would not change anything at all. At the moment with my Geylang side playing LLM thats what I am essentially doing, depending on the raw pace of my DLF to get in behind the lines.

  4. Hello Rashidi.

    In your 4312 may i ask you if you use exploit the middle instruction? I’m always curious if people use that in wingerless formation. I guess you dont use it because the play can become a little predictable?

    Thank you.

    1. I hardly use it. Exploit middle also affects off the ball runs and passing instructions from what I understand. I believe less is more when it comes to

  5. Thank you for the reply.

    Can i ask you one more thing? Did you teach any PPM to your players? I was thinking if having the AMC with comes deep to get the ball would have a negative impact in the way the front 3 play between each other.

    1. Yes I did for some key positions I did get the players to learn them but i don’t like getting my AMC to drop deep to get the ball, then he has too much space to cover. Plus if he plays with a DLP then it could be an issue for the strikeforce. I strive for balance before deciding. Personally I never ask an AMC to drop deep unless all 3 of my mids are defensively orientated..even then I wouldn’t make a tact like that

    1. You can play with either, i choose this depending on the players i have available. BWM closes down more and the BBM well he does less work defensively. So this all depends on the situation\

  6. Hi Rahidi,

    Havnt opened up the tactic for Samba just yet, but are Mamba and Samba an example of flipping the system like you mention in your thread on the SI forum? If so I think I will base my next save on these formations and see where that takes me ☺️

    1. Yes exactly, the 4132 and the 4312 are examples of how I flip a system. Essentially taking the same roles and just making an adjustment here and there. In the 4312, the central midfield acts like a DLP, in the 4132, he just goes deeper

  7. Cheers Rashidi, I’m currently managing a high level team and have great options for the 4312. Im not a huge fan of endless TIs so was wondering what TIs would be essential and what would be surplus to this shape?

  8. Hi Rashidi, First off, amazing website and insights you have here. Instant fan you have in me! Secondly, I’m using a slight variant of your 4-3-1-2 in my FM2016 save.

    I used your tactic as a template and have tweaked it a little bit to suit my team. I absolutely love the interplay between the forwards, midfield and the attacking wingbacks! I’ve scored some really pretty goals (which was my goal since I manage the Gunners). My CWB (Bellerin) is providing a ton of goals down the right flank, I’ve had beautiful passing from Ozil in the AM slot and both my forwards are scoring for fun at the moment. I changed the DLF(S) to a CF(S) which seems to have allowed him to score more goals than before. Not entirely sure why it worked that way, just find him getting into better goalscoring positions.

    A question I have though is, should i try to train my players for the roles that I’ve assigned them in the tactic? Or should i continue to train them in their favourite role? EG: I have Paulo Dybala who is playing in my F9 position but is a Natural CF, should i train him as F9 or leave him as CF? I’ve never really got the handle of what is better, training for the role he plays, or adapting the role on the pitch to what he is most comfortable at?

    Lastly, I’m also using the same tactic with Sassuolo in Serie A, we’re top of the table in season 2 after getting some good away wins at Milan, Juve and Roma (mostly with a counter attack variant of the same tactic). My one issue is when i use an attacking variant of the tactic, I win the game but only have 40% possession. I don’t want to mess too much with “retain possession” TI as in one sense, why try fix what aint broke? I’m winning games and playing good football so it’s not too much of a concern. I dont want senseless possession that ends up in losses or draws. I would rather have no possession and win every time. Should i change anything?

    Looking forward to your next article and video. Really enjoying the BustTheNet series!


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