#FM 15 Kicking it off

Been a while,  well if I am going to start a new save, thought I’d chronicle it as I go. I haven’t really picked a club yet lol. So this outlines what I plan to do. The goal is to take a strong look at development modelling in the game and with that in mind I plan on picking a club that has the resources to develop youth, see how they fare and how far I can take the club. Tactically my approach will be the same as its always been, I plan to use a system that will form the basis of how I develop my players.


The formation can be tweaked where the trequartista can be pushed up into a lone forward position which would mean some role changes as well for some of the other players who support him.

I was testing this formation with Liverpool and it worked surprisingly well. Its been a staple formation for me for most of  FM 12-14.

Based on this system I plan on fitting players into the system during preseason. Naturally you can’t expect most teams to fit ideally into a system so I will have other formations that I can turn to. These would include slight changes to the system so that I don’t turn the whole thing on its head. My back up would be a 4312 which I plan to play narrow.

First Steps 

Day 1 Before Meeting Players

1. Assess Coaching Staff/Scouting/Physio/Director/Head of Development Anyone who isn’t a 4 star is out. I plan to have a coach in every category, and my own setting will allow me to take one coaching slot.

2. Set up Filters Can’t stress how important this is going to be for the whole season. Filters will need to be set up for me to be able to quickly assess whether players are suited to the roles they are going to play. The heaviest positions appear to be the central midfield area and this will be an important area Once the filters are firmed up I will update my blog with a section where it details what the filters were and how players were chosen

  • Filter 1 Midfielders Support/Defend

Age, Stamina, Workrate, Positioning, Tackling, Pace, Passing, Determination. These will be my primary attributes and I will expand or reduce them but I need to set this up so I can pick players. Age is included since I want to focus on development

  • Filter 2 Midfielders/Strikers

Age, Creativity, Pace, Off the Ball, Passing, Crossing, Finishing, Composure, Primary attributes these will be fine tuned later.

  • Filter 3 Defenders

Age, Stamina, Positioning, Anticipation, Tackling, Jumping, Heading, Passing

3. Scouting Time to send these guys out and set em up to look for hot prospects.

4. Training

I will need to set things up for training, Since its preseason I will employ the same model i did for FM13 listed out here. It covers player development, my plan is too see if it still works, it worked for 18 seasons in FM13 and did again in FM14 so I reckon its still solid. SI hasn’t really changed training that much over the years.

So these will be my first steps. Now the question thats been dogging me for the last few days which team do I pick? Cleon was kind enough to point me in the direction of Passion4FM, there are some nice options I see from there, and some guys on the forums have suggested sides like Lyon, Sporting and even some South American sides. I am still wondering which side will be the one


  1. I’ve really enjoyed all the older articles so I’m hoping you’ll get back in the same writing flow as you once were.
    Looking forward to the next update!

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