#FM 13 Tactics 41221

This is a custom 41221 tactic I made for match engine 1325. It features a 41221 with modified settings for mentality creative freedom and some individual instructions. Its purely based on what I want from my team:

  • Its meant to prioritise defense over attack, to switch things around, I typically set the right fullback to attack and then check his RFD to ensure he makes those runs
  • The mentality settings are mine, since I personally prefer not to tweak too much with sliders. The DMC has been given a deeper mentality than default and told not to hold up ball
  • Creative freedom has been tweaked. There are some that suggest that you shouldnt have too much creativity if you have too few specialist roles etc etc. I just chuck that. Theres way too much overconfusion in the game now. I have always believed that players who are in an attacking role should be set to normal. CF modifies the flair attribute in the game, in other words, how much unpredictability in the game. So I dont want too much.
  • Closing down settings are also changed, I want my front line to close down aggressively. I do wish the engine would allow us to do that, its something that peeves me personally. It seems like the engine only does that when the whole group of players are either in their own half or in the opponents halve and never in the middle. Totally crap
  • Since there is only one out and out deep lying forward, someone really good needs to be in that position, someone who can play others in. There will be a fair few chances from range, and thats more due to the engine than the tactic.
  • For times when I want to exert pressure I just push up my dline
  • I use the shouts stay on feet a lot since, my OI at the start of the match is always hard tackling on all wingers/fullbacks and creative fulcrums. Tight marking on fullbacks and wingers.

Well this is one tactic, quite a few people have been pming me for it. I dont claim it will beat the best teams and I dont claim it will solve all your FM woes. It works for me more often

The link is in my dropbox folder and I shall be popping tactics there in the future.


    1. lol my greatest concern when I put tactics up is that people flood me questions with how to make them work with players who aren’t suitable for the roles..so i dunno…i have a stable of tactics i make for when I am bored..but i reckon i won’t be posting them up anytime soon

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