Epic few months from FM

Well I had a good feeling this was gonna happen. FM16 has landed, or at least the beta has, all this happening while i was taking my exams. Well for those who didn’t know,that, was my main focus these last few months. With a new baby in tow and exams on the horizon, I’ve had to make massive adjustments and my blogs naturally took a hit. And that filled me with great sadness, in fact I missed the chance to become an affiliate site, simply because I was too busy.

To some of my closer friends who know the full details, its nothing less than surprising. In fact I am stoked with all the possibilities, so much so that I am taking at least 5 months of from any kind of serious work. During this time I will kick off my next blog which will be focused primarily on self development and fulfilment.  In the next few weeks I’m even going to get the chance to share my thoughts with a lot with people across multiple platforms, and thats really firing me up.

I have a lot of to do and so little time to do it in, and,  I plan to return to covering FM at a decent level. The game is looking great by the way, and bugs are to be expected. I have to admit this is the best looking one by far. The engine will have to be a lot harder than FM15, a lot harder, and I am looking at sharing my thoughts with everyone, but first let me sort all these upgrades I need to do to my operating systems.
Catch you guys very soon

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