Don’t reinvent the wheel, add another

I have started this project which deals with explaining how we can get more out of Football Manager. The goal is to cover as many aspects of the game. And one of those was detailing how to deal with some defensive aspects of the game.

There is so much content that I want to get out, but its clear to me, a better way would be to recommend other articles as well, and I figured I’d do just that. For a long time Cleon and I were moderators of the tactical forums. Back in the day we’d split up the work on information that we’d put ¬†out, so that we could maximise output without duplicating it. We do share a lot of common viewpoints, and we do debate different approaches occasionally. The beauty of the game is its ability to translate various approaches well, and Cleon has started work on a great series of articles on his site.


I would strongly recommend reading his approach to setting up defensive strategies. Its a work in progress and there are discussion threads on the forum. It’s a set of articles anyone can assmiliate if they have issues with setting up a tight ship.

You can find his article on the The School of the Defensive Arts here.

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