Determination is the Mother of all Attributes

Determination as a factor has certainly changed in training. This relook at Determination all started when I observed an anomaly in my squad. We had this striker who was 20 years old, who was outperforming even my model professionals in training. It was something I couldn’t quite place. So Herne in the forums decided to go ask Seb a few questions. Seb well he is the guy who’s supposed to know whats happening under the hood. He knows a heckuva lot more than me. And those who know me, know which Seb I am talking about.

My fairly determined player that outperformed all my model professionals in FM17

Prior to FM17, the community was united, in one belief, Determination played a minor role in training. In fact, everyone looked for players who had the perfect personality. These included Model Professionals right through to Resolute personalities. The common denominator here was that these personalities all had either high professionalism or high professionalism and good determination. These players once trained under the right conditions would almost always develop ideally. Sweet, life was simple. 

Problem for me was my anomaly. He was a fairly determined player but he was out stripping the development of my model professionals.  For the longest time I have believed that player development is a function of:

Personality + Ambition + Determination + Facilities + Quality of Coaching + Playing time + Player Performances.

This was a simple equation to get my head around. This however did not explain my anomaly. He was part of a team that included 4 resolute players 2 model professionals and 3 professionals. Now how was it possible for him to be outperforming the rest. And to top it off he went through a period where he was generating 6.7 for nearly 2 months, something wasn’t quite adding up. There was something else happening under the hood that was different than in FM16.

Then Herne popped around asking Seb the magical question. Does determination play a big part in training? The answer was a big yes. In fact, Determination is now integral to a players training and progression.  You see FM17 has seen under the hood changes to how progression works. To put it in simple terms: 

Basically each player is given a potential to progress, this is known as a Progression Score. A higher PS gives a player a higher chance to receive a temporary boost to training known as a Progression Factor.

A player now has the chance to receive a higher bonus to training, every player has the potential to receive this. And this bonus can last for either 1 month or until an in game scenario occurs which could include player transfers for example. This bonus is known as a Progression Factor and it has a range.  The higher the factor the quicker he will develop and have a higher Current Ability cap for that period of time. There are many variables that go into calculating this Progression Score and these include:  Determination, Professionalism and Ambition.

To put this in the simplest terms that would explain my anomaly:

A player with high determination has the potential to receive good progression provided certain factors are met. This could include positive performances, playing time, personality and ambition. So it would seem that now, determination is the mother of all attributes. 



  1. That’s a valuable insight – thanks!

    What worries me most about youth/player development is that they get massive drops in lots of attributes from time to time. Generally they progress well, but these hord of red arrows really annoys me. Do you know where that comes from? (Facilities, staff etc is all top-notch.)

    1. Sometimes we get fractional declines, these could also be red arrows. Like 12 to 11.9. So it’s important to note if it’s sustained. These could be down to lack of quality playing time, average performances as well.

  2. I have the same problem as Tery – I have a 20/21 year old coming along nicely, getting plenty of game time and going well when suddenly they will get red arrows across the board. Nearly always only a 0.2 decrease but sometimes continues to a cumulative 0.4 decline. I have a theory that it’s linked to tiredness – the player in particular that I’m thinking of got declined in the spring after having already played 45+ games that year and played in a tourno the summer before as a 20 yo. I’m more careful now to give younger players more frequent rests and not playing them if their condition is <95%.

  3. I found, that Determination is a key stat for CD, even it is only of a gray color for all roles. At least for lower leagues. I had been using 3 CD in my last season with Vanarama North team. Two of them was my primary CD but they performed not that well.

    So i threw a not completely retrained FB on CD position (yellow CD position familiarity). Coaches ranked him as 1.5 star only, his contenders was about 3.5-4 stars. He has lowest heading, marking and tackling. Mentals is ok, but his positioning is only 4 and this is a joke even for a semi-pro league. Only exceptional stat he has is jumping,16 – crazy value for a tier 6 league. But jumping does not made a player to tackle and intercept more. His only advantage is Determination (15) and 2 points of workrate and concentration. All his other stats is mostly worse, some are equal. He also got 3 concussion injury last season. He played most of matches not perfectly fit and at not really familar position and teammates.

    Anyway, in the end of a season he got best average rating, he made more tackles, interceptions, headers and key passes per 90 minutes. Success rates was a little worse but not much. Heders winrate is 87% even with only 7 heading stat. I can’t find any reason of that unexpected performance except his higher Determination value (+6 and +7 to values of his contenders).

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