The Comprehensive Guide to my Videos on Football Manager

Even with the book on Football Manager  and all the videos that I have done on Bustthenet the video channel , I have noticed that people sometimes, and a visual aid is needed. So,  I have done a consolidated post where I link chapters from the book to suitable videos. These should help people understand how I approach the game. I hope that it helps you with the game. And if you need more information on how to get the book, you get it free when you support the channel on Patreon. However if you can’t support me on Patreon, don’t fret, I did this list especially for you, so that the content that is taken from the book and covered in videos is now collated into a list. There is so much more from the book that I want to add, but that will take time.

Meanwhile, I hope you find this helpful.

Section One – The Tactical Creator

This section of the book breaks down the tactical creator explaining its elements and how they all fit together. The most relevant videos that link to this chapter are:

How to use the Tactical Creator:

How to Master the Tactical Creator:  

Mentality Explained

How to use Mentality to affect Width:

Shape A Short Guide for FM:

How to use Shape in FM:

Section 2 Understanding Player Attributes:

How to Use Attributes in the Game :

How to Choose the Right Roles:

How to Choose the Right Duty:

Assessing your squad for the first time:

How to use Player Traits:

Fullbacks and Every Back in Between :

Guide to the Mezzala:

Guide to the Carrilero:

Complete Wingback Guide (FM15)

Strikers who play it safe (FM17):

Ball Winning Midfielder (Also happens to my first video on YT)

Preparing For Promotion I:

Preparing For Promotion II:

Section 3: The Basics of Making Tactics

Tactics Getting Started:

Exploiting the Golden Zone:

How to Create Overloads:

How to Set up A set-piece routine :

Quick Guides Set Pieces:

Positions and Personalised Instructions:

Section 3: Moving to the Big Picture


Understanding Transitions :

How to Transition – Gloucester Special

How to use Powerful Analysis Tools in FM:

How to Stop Losing to the AI (25 step guide)

How to Stop losing to the AI – Building Blocks

How to Stop Losing to the AI – Pre Match and Match Day:

Section IV : Making the SuperSystem

SuperSystems in FM Introduction:

Narrow Supersystems 4132, 4312, 442 Diamond:

4231 Deep for FM18:

Columbus Crew 4231 Deep Playthrough:

Crew go 433 Playthrough:

Tim’s 4312 vs PSG Playthrough:

How to build a 41221 –

How to Build a 4231 –

How to Beat a 4231 with Playthrough–

4231 with Inverted Wingbacks Playthrough –

Callamity’s 4231 Playthrough–

Gloucester 4231 Explained Playthrough:

Spurs Get Overloaded 4231 Playthrough:

Torino Diaries – SuperSystem Explained


Facilities and 5 Star Coaching:

Player Development Cycle:

Retraining Tips and Tricks:

Training Schedules:


Loaning Players:

Match Preparation:

Scouting Guide:

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