BusttheNet – Addictedtofm’s Youtube Channel

BusttheNet has been up for a week now, for a while I was mulling with the idea of setting up a Youtube channel specifically for Football Manager, well I’ve done that, and thought that after a week it would be good for me to share my expectations


  1. The channel is meant to be a place where people can find out easily digestable information on the game. I simplify roles, the tactical creation process and try and to share what I know about various aspects of the tactical process, we will cover training as well.
  2. The channel aims to inform players through playthroughs about how one can adapt to key events in a match and present a simple way to manage them.
  3. The channel will be tied heavily to my blog @addictedtofm.com and information will cross reference so that people can get more detailed information there, if they find the videos too short.
  4. Updates will be done every week on Tuesday so I may pursue a life outside FM.
  5. The channel will aim to answer any queries subscribers have and will also in turn try and do videos on request where possible.

Videos at BusttheNet will try and be short, except for playthroughs which will be done on key highlights only, cos anything longer will make the videos too long. For now the Youtube is in its infancy and I do hope that there is enough interest in the channel to keep me going. We currently have these topics lined up for the future:

  1. Strike Partnerships and what to look for in setting them up
  2. Player Preferred Moves and how keeping it simple can sometimes be the best
  3. Adapting – More Playthroughs…(provided I get time to play)

If anyone has any queries or would like to see any other topics covered please drop me a note here



Link to BusttheNet


  1. Don’t know where to ask this, so this post is as good as any.
    What do you think about making a post talking about how to approach tactically the lowest leagues, like Conference N/S, where the player quality is really low?

    1. I will do a post here soon, probably in the next few days it will be a simple post, and then probably a video, but that video will be part of a larger series.

  2. Don’t want to be a nuisance, just to remind you of the standing request on how to approach the lower leagues. Cheers 🙂

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