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It’s been more than a year since I started posting content on Youtube, and I’ve found that combined with the posts on the blog it’s a more efficient way of getting content out. I do have plans on doing more than just tactics. I want to do stories about Football Manager lovers and interviews. There are so many just waiting to be told, some even in the form of short-form documentaries. Over the last year I have been working on a project which aims to make it easier for people to master the game of football manager. The book “Bust The Net” is more than just a simple manual, it’s a guide that works. In it you will find information on everything I can possibly think of to make the game easier for you. The book will be launched via Patreon. It will be distributed digitally to all my Patreon supporters, and there will be several price points.

If you just want to support my work that’s easy, for a $5 donation to the channel you will get the book. If you like the book and you find it helpful and you want monthly updates to the book, then its $5 every month for a year to help me keep the channel up. The book well, then it’s a gift from me to you. It’s a simple model, and it’s meant to cover some of the effort that I put into the website and the youtube channel. I do have ambitious plans on growing the channel, and I want loyal subscribers of my blog and channel to help define its direction too.The short little video below includes details on where my passion will go next. And for the first time ever, I am on camera. Now I hope most of you recover from the shock and find time to watch this video, and hopefully some of you will feel the same way I do. Unfortunately, I can’t use screenshots from the game for the book as it infringes copyright, so I will do my very best to illustrate. As you can tell from the cover of the book, I have my chalkboard ready. And Tacticalpedia, have kindly allowed me the use of their application and images from that to illustrate Football formations. It’s a fantastic app which you need to check out or just follow their Twitter account. @tacticalpedia. Their website is here.




I could delve into my savings to do all these projects, but ultimate I don’t want to end up like this. There are plenty of challenges in getting these shows out, and the costs do pile up. With the funds I get, I plan to do more quality programming, interviews, short form documentaries. Chase down some of those elusive people in the SI towers and get your questions directly answered. I want to give you the latest updates, help you with the latest footballing trends heading to FM and yes do more. So if you are excited about this as I am, then take that first step with me and visit my Patreon page 

Patreon page
Patreon page




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  1. Thanks mate for taking the time to this project. I have pledge so I guess now I just have to wait for the book. Do I have to log in to download the book or I will get an email about the process. I done the $10 per month pledge is this the correct subscription for the book.

    1. That’s more than enough for the book, you would have got the book with a 5 donation, with 10 you submit your tactics, I take a look, and send you back another version that can help. Basically the 5 donation allows you to get updates too

    1. Thank you, very much. You don’t know what that means to me. Your donation will go a long way in keeping this channel and my efforts going. Rest assured I will get back to you once I get the book ready.

      You can always go to the feedback channel or mail me. My email is on my twitter account to. There is also a feedback form on this site.

  2. I really like this idea. So if i chose 10$ each month, i’ll get the book and can also get your help regarding the tactic i’m using? I bought FM17 recently (i’ve never played FM16) and i’m struggling a little with the tactic i want to create.

  3. sorry but my english is poor,i want to donate 5$ to support your work,what i have to do?i am excited to read your book…thank for your time

  4. I just pledged by when I tried to log into Discord I got an “email does not exist” error. Can you help? I really want to read your book tonight. Also, how do I go about getting the Kindle version?

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