Well I have been so busy this weekend, migrating the site, cleaning up the tags and the categories to make them more streamlined, all in an attempt to set myself up for expanding the site later. While doing this, I have a baby’s full moon party going. Yeah my wife is chinese, and they have this tradition of throwing a full moon party once the baby is a month old. So you can imagine that my mind wasn’t all there in anything I was doing this weekend, such was the level of distraction.

Pretty cool a full moon party for a baby boy. My immediate thought was “Music and beer”, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be a party like that. Twas fun anyway seeing everyone googling at the baby, and marvelling at his length. They seem to have this fascination with his aquiline nose and his length. I was more interested in the food and the lack of alcohol, peeling away from the family occasionally to go think up redesigns for the site, suffice to say, that didn’t go too well. No ideas came.

I know the site needs a major overhaul. While it presents all the information in an easy way, its not  easy on the eye. In fact it has nothing “sexy” about it. And I don’t plan on paying a bomb for it. Its a hobby anyway, but I do want to make it look good. So first things first, tags and categories. These have been streamlined. Categories have been simplified to 5 main ones, I had like 30 at one point, and that was being anal. So now people just need to go to a category or do a search by tags, a tag cloud is also on the site. So fine, that’s done. If you are ever going to migrate or redesign the first thing you do is streamline your data, now that’s done, time to turn an eye to the rest.

Cascading style sheets, now that was fun, in 2001. Back then, I was making sites for fun, now I have other people doing it for me @ work, but getting someone at work to do it is not erm…kosher. So I need to do this myself, so I have several ideas, but hmm. Nothing sticks.

Should I redesign this site or not? Maybe you guys should have a say.



  1. Happy full moon to your baby!

    As for the website, it’s good enough by far until you have an alleluia moment, it doesn’t need a revamp right now imho.


  2. Hi and congrats to the birth of your baby (and full moon of course)!

    I don’t think that a major overhaul is needed. Cleaning up the categories has improved the usability a lot yet. Only thing I’d do is sorting your main menu and setting “blog” as your home page. The intro text from the current home page could be shortened and pasted into a widget either in the footer or the side bar. So this is how I’d do it:

    Blog (Home)
    FM Tactics
    FM Training
    FM Game Optimization

    In terms of style I use a free magazine-type of theme (“Dynamic News Lite”) for my blog, which invites the reader to browse around a bit. But that is a question of taste.


    1. Yeah i was thinking along the same lines, the home page needs some changes..totally agree there. I will do something simple first..definitely have plans to do more. Thanks for the input, the changes have been made 🙂

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