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Addicted embraces the FM Community BIGTIME!

Community, thats the word. Changes yes there are going to be big changes to We are embracing the Football Manager Community bigtime! We have already started showcasing some cool FM sites around the verse, next we are taking another step forward. GUEST AUTHORS! wants to encourage imaginative, articulate people to continue to pen their adventures down. I am so excited with this, so I won’t be spilling the beans on these authors. All you need is a love for the game, and the desire to chronicle your adventure.

Are we finishing there? No bloody way, this is like an itch up my ass. It won’t go away. Blame Deadpool.

Addicted to FM
Football Manager

BusttheNet will soon begin a series of videos, on Italian tactics. Information has been gathered from interviews conducted with Carlo Ancelotti, Arrigo Sacchi. Marcello Lippi, Walter Novellino, Maurizio Viscidi, Renzo Ulivieri, Andrea Mandorlini, Ezio Glerean and Claudio Terzulli. Did I say I wasn’t going to be talking about tactics in Football Manager again? Damn! I can’t keep my word can I? The goal is simple: I will explain based on interviews, how these coaches viewed how certain formations should play. In fact, according to some of these coaches, there is no such thing as a tactic. They only thought in terms of systems. So BusttheNet, will cover these formations in a new series, called the Italian Masters.

Are we done yet? No bloody way! To top things off, I am also doing another show, I’m insane! I have a knife in my skull and its telling me to do a show called, damn I don’t know what it will be called. The show is going to be about you. If you have a tactic and you want me to tell you what I think of the tactic, play it. Then this show is for you!. Send me your tactics, and I will do a playthrough for a few games, evaluate them and you can see how I use them. I won’t be changing the tactics but I will let you know what I think of them, what kind of players are key and where the transitions are going to be vital. And of course I am allowed to change team instructions, who knows I could change roles on the go! And I will use them with a pre-selected team on FM Touch.

So yes! We are totally in with this community confab. We have a spotlight, now we have a bunch of guest stars and you can be the “lead” of the next show! If you want your tactics to be on the new show, then send them to I look forward to hearing from you. Oh and I can keep your name off the headlines, give you a cool nick, if anonymity is your thing.




  1. Wow this is great news, I enjoyed the Torino diaries to the point I was cheering u on! Definitely looking forward to ur future videos
    Always wanted to understand Italian tactics more.. Cheers! Heres to more quality vids and articles

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