A Christmas Miracle

So there I was last year, contemplating quitting the channel. I think some of you may recall this event. And then I received a heartfelt email. Apparently I was helping someone, and they encouraged me to stay on. So I did,  this year I realised I needed help or this would be an struggle.That led me to the book project. Bust the Net – A football managers guide  is where I do my best to share as much as I know. I started writing it on a plane,  the laptop itself got crushed on that trip. Thankfully the first few chapters of the book survived, I was exhausted from the flight and hadn’t realised that the laptop was in the wrong position in the boot of the car. I think that was sometime in the second or third season of my FM16 Torino save, some of you may even recall that rather sad day.

Well that little misadventure didn’t stop me. I continued to write. There were those who laughed at me and said this was a bad idea, and a waste of my time. Still I kept writing and writing that book. I was even adding chapters to it a week before launch. My initial plan was to use createspace.com to release the book. And then I realised this was a book about a game that has patches, it grows. The game itself changes. I needed a way to write a book that could stand on its own, and then be supported by continual updates. It was either this or having the luxurious feeling of a nicely printed book sitting on some bookstore shelf.

So I took the chance on believing in the community. My channel was quickly running out of funds, I wanted to do more, but I had to ask myself some hard truths. 

Faith. I’ve always had faith in people. I believe that deep down the FM community is a cerebral bunch of intelligence. If SI weren’t going to do a book then someone who knew the insides of the game needed to. I was afraid of arrogance. The game is something I know that’s true, but I am sure there are other silent people out there who know just as much.  I had to believe in people, that maybe somewhere out there, a difference could be made. So I turned to Patreon, it was time to put myself out there and ask for help.  And guys you have taken a match that was 4-0 down at half time and rallied like champions to lead with 10 minutes to go. You have made a believer in me. Thank you.

The channel superseded my expectations, I launched the book on Xmas eve, and within a short time you have carried me to my first Patreon milestone. Words cannot describe the emotions that I am going through.




  1. Rashidi if it was not for you I would given up a long time ago. I am reading your book and things are becoming clearer I still have a long way to go but your book will be the light that guides me on my FM Journey.

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