Adapting : Making Ingame changes

In this section there’s a whole series of matches where I adapt to changes vs a few different formations, and some of the sections actually include more than one game. These are all links to posts that feature adapting to changes and some of them feature more than one game.

  1.  Adapting your way to a successful run (4231 and 424)
  2.  Adapting Southhampton vs WBA (41221)
  3.  Adapting Spurs vs WBA (4231)
  4.  Adapting WBA vs Man Utd /Shaktar vs WBA (4141, 442)
  5.  Adapting WBA vs Real Madrid (442)
  6.  Spatial Control and Adapting (4141)
  7. Ok someone pinch me please (442)
  8. Unbelievable, Unprecedented, Unreal WBA (Explanation)


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